LeBron James Drags Charles Barkley

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

LeBron James is done playing with Charles Barkley.

Hours ago, the NBA star got Barkley together after the NBA retiree called James “whiny.”

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  1. Hmm, in my opinion, LeBron kind of illustrated his point. Why make it personal when Charles was strictly speaking on basketball? I don’t like Charles but at least he didn’t hit below the belt to prove his points.

    1. He didn’t hit below the belt. Charles has never respected the game and looked like a fool the entire time. Lebron has never has baby mama drama, child support case, or rape case. So while everyone is dissing him Lebron is the best basketball role model a kid could have, point blank period. He hasn’t seen a criminal court ever. And Charles spitting on a kid is disgusting frfr

      1. What does baby mama drama/child support cases or rape have to do with any of this? The topic was about what is happening with the Cavs on the court. Charles and his co-anchors were discussing the Cavs as a team and their chances against the Warriors. You and LeBron are deflecting.

      2. Role models? No one was talking about being a role model though. The topic was if LeBron is wrong for dissing his team to the media. Charles gave his answer and did so without talking about LeBron’s personal life. Y’all baby LeBron way too much.

  2. Cavs won last year because they had a lot of help from the refs. LeBron better stop being dramatic and make those phone calls so he can get a repeat. LMBO!

  3. I don’t like Charles. So this dragging doesn’t bother me. But honestly, both of them gave facts on each other. Bron is whiny and Charles is trash.

  4. I stan for no one so I’ll give my two cents and be done with this. Charles is a c–n and I don’t care for him. But what in the hell does anything LeBron said have to do with the original topic? LeBron got personal because he knows he can’t refute anything Charles said so he decided to change the topic. This is not about who is the better role model. When we discuss the greats, no one cares about that. I mean MJ is douche bag, but we can’t take away his six championships. Kobe wasn’t squeaky clean, but he has five rings. So LeBron needs to just stop it with this deflection. No one is going to just call you top 5 because you don’t get into trouble son. That’s weak and unrealistic and just proves that yes, he’s whiny and very entitled. He has has been getting every player he has been asking for. But the problem is he’s not a good leader. Anytime the team struggles, he runs to the media and drags his own teammates and it hurts him because he’s not Kobe. He’s not MJ. He needs help to win. So he needs to stop whining and work out his problems with his teammates or he can forget a repeat.

  5. I’ve noticed that only LeBron stans believe he should be labeled the GOAT because he’s a “good person”. It’s the craziest ish I’ve ever seen. Bron will donate to a charity and they run on Facebook and say, see this is why he’s better than Jordan! Lmao! You can’t reason with them.

  6. LeBron seems like an ok dude but his arrogance makes it hard for him to be humble. And because he’s not humble, he gets offended way too easily.

  7. You would think Chuck said something about King’s momma the way he went in lmao! Fave is so damn sensitive!

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