Mr. Dalvin Confirms Jodeci Biopic is in the Works

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

BET’s New Edition biopic was a smash hit for the network, and now it’s been confirmed that a Jodeci biopic is now on the way.

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  1. Sh-t ain’t VH1 and BET owned by Viacom? That means this sh-t is about t be good as f-ck. I’m watching got dammit!

  2. No offense, but this ain’t gonna be better than the New Edition one. For one thing, New Edition has better music and a better legacy than Jodeci. I mean were we all not singing and dancing along to the movie? It won’t be like that with this one. I was never really a fan of Jodeci anyway. This will just be depressing as hell given how messed up these guys were, well mainly K-Ci and Jo Jo. Who feels like watching a train wreck with no happy ending?

  3. This may offend some, but I don’t think Jodeci deserves a biopic. They aren’t legendary like NE. NE inspired a whole bunch of boy bands, white and black. The only people inspired by Jodeci was Jagged Edge and Dre Hill. Just saying.

    1. I have to agree and I love Jodeci. But when it comes to the most legendary black boy bands/groups, it’s going to be Jackson 5, The Temptations and then New Edition. Everyone else just falls in line because no one else was original in any way after them. Not to mention NE was pretty much the blueprint for modern R&B and pop boy bands and they had a longer run than any boy band after them.

    2. Dru Hill is better than Jodeci and Jodeci didn’t last very long. I don’t get why they get a biopic either.

    3. Hmm someone else brought this up on another site and I had to think about it. I guess we really will be able to see how legit Jodeci is after the biopic airs. I know young people who didn’t know much about NE are now big fans after the biopic. And it’s because they have very good music and they were great performers. Plus we can’t forget that there would be no Don’t Be Cruel without New Edition. That album alone is one of the best R&B albums of all time. And Can You Stand The Rain and If It Isn’t Love can’t be touched. Poison is also a classic. I mean they actually have a lot of classics. They were charting on iTunes after part one of the movie. So we will see how young people respond to biopic and it will say a lot.

    4. I really want to refute this but can’t. Damn. I even googled to see how long their run was and had no idea it was such a short one. They were only on top for a few years and didn’t even have solo success to the same extinct NE did. They just aren’t as influential as NE was. Jodeci was the sh-t back in the day though. Great memories.

  4. I think Jodeci may have been working on their biopic for years now. But to be real, people need to have very low expectations. It’s not going to be as good as the New Edition one period. VH1 will probably cut corners. I mean the TLC biopic was ok but it can’t even compare to the New Edition biopic. So my expectations are very low.

  5. Come on what’s up with the Jodeci slander fam? No, they aren’t as legendary as NE but they aren’t flops either. And the audacity of someone saying Dru Hill is better. Y’all are trippin. There would be no Dru Hill without Jodeci! Sisqo was a knock off of K Ci!

    1. I know, right!! If you were 12+ in the 90’s, u knew that Jodeci was it!! How many babies were made off Forever My Lady? Mary & K-Ci, Jodeci & 2Pac, their song U&I stays in rotation, Cry 4 U…& on & on…these chirren don’t know, lol!

  6. I was thinking about them after the NE biopic was over so I’m glad to see they are doing this. I’ll definitely watch. They may not have been as big as NE globally but within our community we def knew who they were. They deserve this.

  7. I think Jodeci can do a biopic because the drama behind the scenes was so interesting. New Edition’s biopic was great because there was drama we didn’t know about to share and they have a very strong legacy in the business. Jodeci may not have the legacy like NE but they definitely have the drama. I just hope their biopic is much better than the TLC one because that was so dry.

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