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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago we pondered why no one has called Mendeecees Harris out for being the instigator between the feud that is taking place between Yandy Smith, Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazo, and now it appears someone may be finally stepping up.

In a preview of the upcoming episode of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” Yandy’s own bestie Kimbella points out that Mendeecees has screwed over all three women and he’s the true cause of their problems.

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  1. I have to give a standing ovation to Kimbella. But I’m sure Kimbella will backtrack because Yandy is in her feelings. But she said the truth. He played all three of them. Yandy is a fool for acting like he’s some prize.

  2. And of course his biggest enabler, his mother, is the most offended followed by his second biggest enabler, Yandy. You have to have some major character issues to a. sell drugs, b. sleep with multiple women at the same time and do so without wearing protection and c. still finding a way to stir the pot with all these random phone calls while you’re locked up. He’s literally been causing problems while he’s in prison but no one has noticed this but Kimbella? How sad is that?

  3. Yandy is such a bird. This is why I say having a college degree does not exempt one from bird tendencies. She’s sitting there pissed because Kimbella said the truth. But I guess it makes sense when you’re a constant liar like Yandy. She hates the truth i.e. her pretending to actually be a wife when she’s not.

  4. I’m surprised Kimbella is the one with the most sense. These women are sitting here fighting over a man who is currently locked up. One thinks she’s better than the others because she had a fake wedding with him, but if she was really superior to the others, she would have never gotten caught up with him in the first place. Yandy has really made a fool out of herself this season.

  5. I agree with everything she said! Yandy needs to suck it up and admit Mendeecees is a very messy man who will say whatever he has any given moment. I’m sure he’s lied to all three of them.

  6. Yandy really doesn’t want to admit the obvious. Does she really think Mendeecees would have even been interested in her if she wasn’t on a reality show? He has a track record of lying to women and using them. I’m not sure why she believes she’s some special snowflake to him.

  7. LOL! This was hilarious. Yandy looked so pissed off too. Oh well. Anyone with sense can see that Mendeecees has been stirring the pot this whole time. He tells Yandy Erika is nothing but a jump off but when he calls Erika, he admits they were in a relationship. He’s a liar and sure not worth all the drama he’s bringing to Yandy’s life.

    1. Exactly, If she was just a jump off why did she still have a apartment with Mendencees names on it. Yandy is a bird, liar and manipulator. She say it’s about the kids then when amanda exented the invite she throws a fit. Amanda can do what she likes with her son Yandy don’t have no say so. Yandy killed her character with that fake marriage. Yes Mendecees is spawn that started all the bs but once Yandy decided to still be with him the man focus should be the kids.

  8. Honestly it’s like no one else was seeing it for what it is this whole time. Yandy and her annoying stans keep trying to shame Erika and Samantha but how exactly is Yandy any better than them? She’s not married to him and even if she was, she still loses because he’s not even a decent dude. It’s a shame how much a lot of women are willing to put up with just so they can say they have a man. He’s out here impregnating multiple women and no one besides Kimbella seems to see an issue with that. Yandy should have put her college education to use and at least held out for a good man before settling down and having all these babies. She failed.

  9. Kimbella told no lies though. Its about time Yandy hear the truth from her friend but of course, she’s deflecting and in her eyes the problem is Kimbella and not Mendececees. Typical. Like I said before, that man better come out of jail and act right cause Yandy is out looking stupid as hell for him.

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