1. But it’s true though. He does like to hop from one relationship to the next. And he loves for his women to be famous. If Jhene ever stops being interesting to the public, this won’t last. He loves the attention.

  2. Well I with it. Until somebody says the words “Will you marry me” get engaged, then they just potentials to each other. No sense in putting all your eggs in one basket for 5 years of loyal committment to find out that you weren’t the one.

    1. So true what’s wrong with dating for a good yr or two??? To get to know the person so you can see if they are the one.

  3. Dating is fine but this guy has a history of cheating on his current boos with his future boos. So yes, he moves on too fast and even got with Jhene while she was married. That’s the issue.

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