Kandi Burruss Addresses Rumors of NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak Returning for Season Ten

In a recent interview, Kandi Burruss claims that she has no issue with the possible return of NeNe and Kim.

She tells Entertainment Tonight:

“We don’t know.  wouldn’t be mad at it, to be honest with you. We had a really, really great cast when all of us were a part of it at the same time. And I think, you know, it would be some interesting things happening if all of us were there at the same time. It would be too much, too much sauce, as they say.”

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  1. But I thought Kandi said she wasn’t sure she was coming back. I knew she was just lying to get more money. LOL.

  2. Kandi is so jealous of NeNe. She doesn’t want NeNe or Kim to come back.,but she is so boring, and I hope she does not return next season. I think she said she might not return next season because of the possibility of NeNe and Kim returning. The jealousy of NeNe, and the embarrassment of Kim beating her out of all that money, and taking the baby name Kandi wanted for her baby.

  3. Maybe she wants them back so she will no longer have to “so call” lead the cast, she can fall back and not have her business front and center anymore. Its clear bravo making her a lead failed because she is just not that interesting and her marriage seems so forced with no chemistry. Kandi had big shoes to fill and bottomline nene is not replaceable.

  4. I am so here for the return of Nene and Kim. They should keep Kandi, Phaedra, and Sheree. I heard this is Cynthia’s last season, but I not sure if that’s a rumor or fact. I would like to see both Porsha and Kenya off the show. With Porsha’s whorish ways and Kenya’s unprecedented level of crazy the whole dynamic of the show changed. I’m sick of them both!

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