1. Of course it didn’t mean sh-t. Amber just wanted the attention. Whenever people start forgetting she exists, she calls up Wiz and they pull the same tired a-s stunt. Wiz does not want her a-s. He’s made that extremely clear. He doesn’t mind the publicity though.

  2. It’s always the same stunts and shows with Amber. She ends one PR relationship and then makes sure she’s kissing Wiz a few days after. How obvious.

  3. I’m so tired of Amber. Some kind of way, she’s managed to be more annoying than all of the Kardashians combined. I just didn’t see that coming.

  4. A statement wasn’t needed. We knew that kiss meant nothing. If Wiz was really into her, the divorce would have never happened! I really do think they just like the attention and that’s why they make sure the paps are around when they hang out. It gets people talking.

  5. Amber reminds me a lot of Future’s baby mama Brittni. When Wiz has nothing serious going on with some other woman he pulled from Instagram, he’ll entertain Amber and he probably sleeps with her in between boo-ships. She allows it because she still wants him back. This is honestly one of the many reasons men outside of Wiz won’t commit to her. They peep game.

  6. Oh please. Amber is just trying to save face. She rushed to tell the whole world she was dating Val and when that crashed, she rushed in running back to Wiz even though he will never take her seriously again. She once again played herself.

  7. This is why I can’t take all her hoe stuff seriously. She claims being a so called slut is so empowering but from I see, she stays losing. Men don’t respect her and even Wiz entertains her when it’s convenient.

  8. There’s really no way to spin the odd and unhealthy relationship she has with Wiz. This man cheated on her, dumped her, divorced her and called her a tramp on social media, but she’s still willing to give him the time of day when he’s interested. She has very low self esteem.

  9. So she can’t get along with Wiz without all this unnecessary stuff like kissing him and possibly still sleeping with him? Oh.

  10. Aww poor tink tink thought she was getting back with Wiz then the next day after they kissed they saw him with another chick in his car now she trying to save face by saying the kiss meant nothing.

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