RHOA Recap: The Kandi & Porsha Beef Heats up + Is Phaedra a Phony Friend to Porsha?

Last night, the ladies went on their “Glamping” trip, and the majority of the events were coordinated by Phaedra and Kenya.

Although the ladies had some good moments which included bonding over Cynthia’s failed marriage and extreme outdoor activities, it didn’t take long for the claws to come out.

First up, Kenya vs. Marlo.

We told you weeks ago that Kenya and Marlo’s friendship is over and both ladies have even taken to Twitter to throw shade.

Marlo explained to the ladies during the glamping trip that she is at odds with Kenya because Kenya hasn’t been inviting her to events, and she thinks that makes Kenya a phony friend.

When Kenya explained that she meant no malice and made it clear that she’s apologized to Marlo multiple times, Marlo then decides to hit below the belt and brought up Kenya’s issues with her mother.

Marlo says a person like Kenya can’t be trusted because she’s so evil that even her own mother doesn’t want to talk to her.  Ouch.

Kenya was upset about the comments made about her mother but Marlo eventually apologized later on the trip.

“I’m not going to pay Marlo any mind, enough people pay her for her services.” – Kenya

Porsha vs. Kandi

Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss have been clashing a lot this season, and their beef continues during the trip.

In fact, after Sheree is urged by Marlo to reveal who accused Kandi of being an in the closet lesbian, Sheree eventually caves in and throws Porsha under the bus.

Porsha originally claims that she doesn’t remember making the comments, but then points out that all the ladies are guilty of talking behind each other’s backs and being shady.

Kandi then accuses Porsha of being a hypocrite and says Porsha has had girl on girl action before as well.

“I mean she definitely hooked up with women, definitely. If she gets drunk, she becomes an aggressive lesbian.” – Kandi

Both claim to have dirt on each other before ending the argument, and Sheree questions in a confessional why Phaedra didn’t bother to step in to defend Porsha, especially when she’s the one who accused Kandi of having a “minaj” with Shamea and Todd.

Porsha vs. Sheree

It’s pretty obvious that Porsha is getting fed up with Sheree’s knack of alerting the other housewives about what was said behind their backs, but Sheree doesn’t seem to have any shame in being a “bone carrier.” Porsha’s attempt to confront Sheree falls short as Sheree stands by her actions and feels justified.

Kandi vs. Phaedra

Mama Joyce didn’t physically make an appearance on this episode, but her theories about Phaedra’s divorce did.

When the ladies come together and Kenya asks Phaedra about the status of her divorce with Apollo, Phaedra confirms that it isn’t final yet. Kandi then questions why since she heard a divorce can be made final quickly if a spouse ends up in prison.

“No offense, but I thought when you go to jail that you can get a divorce within like 30 to 60 days.” – Kandi

Porsha chimes in and lets everyone know that the process is being dragged out because Apollo is contesting the marriage (this moment kind of highlights why Sheree and some viewers are questioning Phaedra’s loyalty to Porsha), and Phaedra confirms that is indeed the case.

“I don’t remember Kandi ever attending college so I think I’m probably more well versed on the law than she is. But I’m glad she’s reading.” – Phaedra

The episode ends with Kandi confiding in Kenya and Cynthia about her issues with Porsha, and Porsha confiding in Phaedra and Lauren about her issues with Kandi.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I have to admit it does seem like Phaedra is just sitting back and letting Porsha get dragged when Porsha is always defending her. But that’s on Porsha. I think she sees this but refuses to be real about what’s going on. Oh well.

      1. Exactly. They are going to come for Porsha hard at the reunion. I hope she’s ready because she can’t beat anyone up this time.

  2. Porsha is a fool. Phaedra doesn’t know how to be anyone’s friend. And it will be worse at the reunion. Everyone is going to come for Porsha and Phaedra will be silent as a mouse.

  3. I mean Porsha is right though. All of them throw shade and talk trash at every given opportunity. So why does it seem like the only getting called out for that is Porsha?

    1. Because they want Porsha off the show. They need her to crack and fight again to make that happen so they are going to keep ganging up on her.

  4. What’s wrong Phaedra stans? Team Twirl told you many times how much of a fraud she is and why she can’t be trusted and now that she’s thrown Porsha under a bus, y’all want to see the light. Hilarious!

  5. I remember when Kenya’s stans accused NeNe of being afraid of Marlo but what’s their excuse now that Kenya keeps getting embarrassed by Marlo with no kind of comeback? I mean Kenya has so much to say to Kim but gets so quiet when Marlo comes for her. What gives Twirlers? LOL.

    1. Girl, she couldn’t even comeback at Marlo except in the confessional after rehearsing that line in front the mirror about 20 times. She knew Marlo would gut her like a pig if she’d said any mess. Marlo was in a cutting mood. Lmao!

  6. I like Phaedra but I’m not going to pretend that she hasn’t been throwing Porsha under the bus all season. I’m very annoyed by it.

  7. Sheree stirring the pot doesn’t bother me but why didn’t she also bring up what Phaedra said? I’m starting to feel like the producers are trying to push Porsha off the show again. This makes sense since now we know they want to bring NeNe and Kim back. Watch them fire or demote Porsha.

    1. My prediction is they will demote Porsha and Cynthia and bring back NeNe and Kim. I mean what purpose does Cynthia serve now that she divorced Peter? She’s boring and it was always Peter who her interesting. It makes sense to let her go as well as Porsha. Porsha just can’t handle the shadiness these ladies are known for. Let her go to VH1 where fighting is encouraged.

    2. Porsha knows what’s up. She can see it just like we can. But she needs to smarten up and stop putting a cape on for Phaedra all the time when it’s not being reciprocated.

  8. Kandi always takes her anger out on the people who did the less dirt to her. Last time it was NeNe and now it’s Porsha. In my opinion she hasn’t dragged Phaedra enough!

  9. I think it comes down to the fact that Phaedra is like one of the only housewives Porsha gets along with besides Sheree. All these women deal with each other because they know they need people to film with.

  10. kandi- “I mean she definitely hooked up with women, definitely. How would you know you two have never been close but definitely know she has been with women. RHOA Take kandi off the show

    1. Speaking of falling apart. Did Kenya fix her broken windows yet, and is Matt still a good person who’s just misunderstood?

      1. The good news is Kenya was smart enough to not marry Matt. So will Phaedra go to prison and get a new freshly released boo or nah? *giggles*

        1. Girl, that analogy don’t even make no damn sense. Y’all need to worry bout why Kenya out here acting stupid and crying over a man with violent tendencies. Now riddle me who she’s gonna hire to play Matt next season……I’ll wait.

    2. Did you forget about what’s happening with Kenya and Marlo? I don’t think you can throw any shade about friendships falling apart when you’re a Kenya stan. :-/

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