LHHNY Recap: Is Mendeecees Harris’ Mother Judy His Biggest Enabler?

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The season finale of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” aired last night, and there was no shortage of drama.

Here’s a recap of “The Sit Down.”

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  1. I and a few others on here have already pointed out that Judy is the biggest problem right after Mendeecees. She has no problem with her son running around here and impregnating multiple women. In fact, she actually blames the women (Erika and Samantha) for his poor decisions like he’s not capable of having self control. And when someone points out how messed up he is, she gets offended. Dysfunction all around.

  2. Judy is a hot mess. Her and Yandy are very passive aggressive and get mad when someone says the truth about Mendeecees. He ain’t no prize but they don’t want to hear that.

    1. Man their passive aggressiveness annoys me so much! They keep pretending they never know what’s going on when they are causing a lot of this mess from jump.

  3. Yandy knew what she was getting herself into when she chose to have kids with someone who’s mixed into baby mama drama. I cannot see myself arguing over a man weekly or monthly. I would be turned off and question my self esteem after a short while. Even worse if he is in prison

  4. I can’t stand Judy. And LOL at her getting all mad when Samantha clocked her tea. All the foul stuff she’s said about Samantha and Erika all season, and facts get her all worked up? Too funny.

  5. Yandy is so full of herself. She’s actually blaming Erika and Samantha for hurting her brand but she’s the one who willingly got knocked up by a felon and was pregnant the same time Erika was. Babysitter my a-s. Nah Yandy, YOU f-cked up your brand!

  6. Why did Judy get mad? Is she ashamed that she has four kids with different men? If that’s the case, why does she keep making excuses for her son? She has issues.

  7. Yandy and Judy are trash. They keep acting like Mendeecees is some God’s gift to women when he’s nothing but a drug dealer who can’t keep it in his pants.

  8. Judy is an enabler but so is Yandy. Yandy knows how dirty Mendeecees did her but now she’s acting like it never happened. Newsflash, Yandy and Erika were pregnant at the same time. So what does that say? I’m so over all of this.

  9. Judy has been a problem for a long time now. She pretends she wants all the kids together but her actions don’t match her words. And just because she’s the grandmother doesn’t mean she can say whatever she wants to everyone else. It doesn’t work like that. You have to give respect to get respect…healthy families understand that.

  10. Mess…and didn’t Mendeecees say he never met his father? Judy needs to sit down somewhere and stop pretending she’s any better than Erika and Samantha. All of them have issues so humility would serve them well.

  11. Dang Samantha even caught me off guard the way she got Judy together. By as snooty as Judy has been acting, you would have never known she has four kids by different men. She loves to call Samantha and Erika everything but a child of God, but knowing what we know now, she should be quiet from now on :-/.

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