Being Mary Jane Recap: Niecy Gets into a Scuffle at the Club + Finally Cuts off Dante

Getting a 150k settlement has made Niecy very generous to her friends.

The episode starts off with Niecy and her girlfriends partying in a nightclub. They are having a great time and when asked why she’s treating everyone to a good time, Niecy explains that she felt like since they are all single mothers, they deserved a fun night out. Plus, she now has the money to spend, so why not?

A group of cute guys show interest in them, but Niecy tells her friends she’s not going to entertain anyone because she is focused on Dante. When her friends remind her how dirty Dante has done her over the years, she tells them she’s sure he has changed. Her friends aren’t buying it though and Niecy isn’t budging so they end the conversation.

Mary Jane is homesick.

Mary Jane moved to New York to take her career in journalism to the next level, but she is missing her old life in Atlanta. In particular, she is really missing her family.

However, the good thing is her younger brother, PJ, has relocated to New York, and he’s decided to spend more time with her to help her feel better. When Mary Jane reveals that she feels lonely despite being in such a big city and having a boo who happens to be on a comedy tour, her little brother suggested she move back to Atlanta. She quickly remembers she made the move for career reasons, so moving back to Atlanta isn’t realistic.

Niecy’s good time at the club turns bad fast.

Although Niecy and her friends were having a great time, things go downhill after someone recognizes her from her police brutality video.

When a young lady and her friends ask if they can join Niecy and her crew, she then insults Niecy after Niecy turns them down.

The insults hurled Niecy’s way include her being a baby mama with multiple baby daddies to being called a “ghetto a*s hoe” who is feeling herself because she got a large settlement from the police department. This sets Niecy off and she hits the young lady and they begin to brawl.

Niecey is able to pull off the young woman’s wig and is quickly escorted out of the club. She then looks up to see that multiple bystanders have captured the chaotic moment on their smartphones.

Niecy makes a bad decision in just a few tweets.

After her brawl at the club goes viral, Niecy took to Twitter to respond to her critics. In the tweets, she bragged about her $150k lawsuit, thereby putting herself in legal jeopardy for discussing the settlement in public.

This now makes it possible for her to lose the money.

Niecy’s new video poses a problem for her grandmother, Helen.

Helen takes her granddaughter Deja to a “Jack and Jane” event in hopes to secure her membership. Members of the upscale black organization notify her of Niecy’s new video, leaving Helen embarrassed.

Helen confronted Niecy about the video, and made it clear that she had hoped the police brutality situation would change Niecy for the better, but now she understands that it won’t. She walks away highly disappointed in her granddaughter.

Niecy learns that she must return her settlement money and comes clean to her family about buying Dante a new car.

Niecy learns through her lawyer that she must return her settlement money, and she comes clean to her family about what she spent her money on.

When her family learns that she gave money to friends, placed a down-payment on a breast lift procedure and bought Dante a new car, they are livid.

They told her Dante used her, but she stands firm in her belief that he has changed.

Niecy’s father, Patrick, angrily forces her to take Dante’s car back and turn it in. He decides he will be the one to drop her off at Dante’s house.

Helen learns Deja will not be accepted into Jack and Jane.

Helen hoped Deja would be endorsed into the organization, but Niecy’s latest drama is the last straw. And not only is Niecy to blame, but Patrick’s past which consists of legal problems and drug addiction is something the organization wants no parts of.

This news does not sit well with Helen and she feels like the organization has lost its focus and is being misdirected by classism.

“It’s all happening again. The judgment, the looks, all of it!” – Helen

Getting the car back from Dante becomes an eye-opening moment for Niecy.

After being dropped off by her father Patrick, Niecy knocks on Dante’s door and gets no answer. However, his other baby mama pulls up in the car Niecy gifted him and Niecy is furious.

Both women realize Dante has been sleeping with them both, and it becomes clear to Niecy that the accusations of him using her may have some validity.

Despite her anger with Dante, she tells his other baby mama that they should have play dates after she learns how much she’s been struggling being on her own with no family to support her, something Niecy luckily knows nothing about.

When Mary Jane calls her, Niecy answers the phone and immediately breaks down in tears. She tells her aunt she feels like a failure and a fool for being used by Dante, but Mary Jane reassured her that she is a good mother who has family who will always support her.

“Babygirl there is not a woman on this earth who has not been a fool for love…some of us more than once.” – Mary Jane

Interestingly enough, Patrick seeks his father’s advice on how to deal with Niecy. His father tells him that when your kids become adults, you have to sit back and watch them make their own choices, only offering help when they absolutely need it.

“Sometimes the best thing a parent can do is nothing. Sometimes you have to let your kids fall down.” – Paul, Sr.

Niecy finally puts Dante in his place.

When Dante shows up to the house to return her son’s toy car, Niecy tells him she had to take back the car because she has to return the settlement money. She notices Dante cares more about her returning the settlement money than anything else, including his kids.

This angers Niecy and she lets him have it.

She tells him never to call her again and that he doesn’t really care about any of his kids. She walks away relieved to finally rid Dante from her life.

Earlier in the episode, her son told her that he was sad Dante wasn’t his father since his father doesn’t come around much, so she surprises him by taking him on one final joyride (which includes doing doughnuts in a parking lot). This is an enjoyable moment for both of them.

Ribs cure Mary Jane’s homesickness and Deja becomes a new member of Jack and Jane.

Realizing that his big sister probably misses her dad’s cooking more than anything else, PJ manages to convince their father to send his ribs to New York.

He surprises Mary Jane with the ribs and she realizes that although her family is back in Atlanta, a little FaceTime and ribs from time to time should make the move more bearable.

After Helen goes off on Jack and Jane members for judging her family for not being perfect, other members come forward to admit that their families are far from perfect too. When they admit to failed marriages, bankruptcies, etc., it’s clear that Deja should still be considered.

After the members stand up for Helen, they decide to officially allow Deja into the organization.


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    1. I mean Niecy has to be one of the most stereotypical characters on the show. They try to drown that out by making her come from a black family with money but it doesn’t make her any less cringe worthy.

  1. I liked this episode much better than the others this season because they focused in on her family again. When they just focus on Mary Jane and her job, it’s very boring.

  2. If Niecy takes Dante again, I’m going to scream. I would like to finally see her character smarten up for real and grow.

  3. If anything I liked that they showed the reality of what happens when some people get settlements/large sums of money and spend so recklessly, and the reality of how the media will make you out to be a violent person deserving of bad treatment by police after an altercation. How many times have we seen a person’s character dragged through the mud after they’ve been victimized by police? I don’t watch the show regularly but I did enjoy this episode.

  4. This was the best episode I’ve seen from this show in a while. Now I do get while some people were offended on Twitter, I do like the themes they touched on. Especially Jack and Jane. Overall, very good episode.

  5. Amanda/UB do you watch The Quad? I love that show!! Please do a recap on that too. Back on topic: Niecy was actually likable this episode!! I hope she keeps evolving and learning from her mistakes!!

  6. Man, this sounds like it was a good episode. I’ll have to watch it after work. I’ve been sitting it out this season but this write up is making me interested again.

  7. I enjoyed this episode. If they continue to focus on Mary Jane’s family, just maybe the season has a chance to improve.

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