Kandi Explains Why She Slammed Porsha over Lesbian Rumors & Not Phaedra

If you’ve been keeping up with the current season of RHOA, then you already know the majority of the focus has been on Kandi Burruss’ defunct friendship with Phaedra Parks.

Things went left for the former besties after Phaedra discovered Kandi and her husband Todd were keeping some of Apollo Nida’s things at their home.

Kandi and Todd also suspect that Phaedra may have sent the feds to their house to collect Apollo’s belongings.

Then of course Phaedra and Todd got into over a video project, and Todd claims he was never compensated for his work while Phaedra claims that he never finished the project.

Fast forward to the current season and Kandi and Phaedra have been taking shots at each other left and right.

Although Kandi has been clashing with Porsha over the lesbian rumors, she’s saving Phaedra for the reunion:

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  1. Yeah something tells me she will still go off more on Porsha at the reunion. Her issue with Porsha has nothing to do with Phaedra and everything to do with Todd.

  2. Can we stop giving that b-tch a forum? I’m so sick of her whining polluting my social media timelines every fking day – it’s not even funny.

  3. I’m still waiting for Kandi to confront Kim over that Tardy To The Party situation. But then again, I’m sure that won’t ever happen. Even with this new big and bad Kandi. LOL.

  4. I don’t get why y’all hate Kandi so much on here. She only comes for people who came for her first. And Porsha deserves the dragging she got. And much more. She’s so busy trying to defend Phaedra but Phaedra will not defend her at all.

    1. And u are so right…Portia is the biggest air head or she just playing dumb…I’m pretty sure she see Phaedra ain’t sh-t…..Phaedra will always be for SELF

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