Future Admits Relationship with Ciara Was Bigger Than His Career

During his legal battle with Ciara, Future claimed that it was ridiculous to think he benefited from their relationship.

Now he admits that the relationship was bigger than his career.

Future, fresh from his breakup with Ciara, placed his focus on his music and frequently spoke about the breakup. He also felt he had to show his fans and critics that he is bigger than the relationship.

Future touched on this with Zach Lowe on Beats 1 Radio:

“At the time, I wanted to touch the people that I needed to touch,” Future said. “I wanted to touch on the people that felt like, ‘He might be over with,’ or, ‘Can he bounce back from his relationship?’ The relationship was pretty much the focal point of my career, at times, bigger than my career, at times. ‘Can he get bigger than his relationship was?’ To be able to get over that hump, now it’s Future Hendrix. I had to get over that hump. I didn’t want to give them Future Hendrix before they understand the trials and tribulations. Paying dues, that’s what it’s about.”

Check out the Beats 1 interview below:

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  1. Sigh…it goes to show you that people who said he was in his feelings about Ciara were correct. That’s what all that tweeting and stuff said in interviews was about.

  2. Meanwhile, Ciara has moved on to a happy marriage and a new baby. Yet people swore up and down she was the bitter one.

  3. You can tell he hasn’t moved on. That’s why he went back to his other baby momma. For his name to be Future, he sure does like living in the past.

  4. This just seems like damage control to me. Ciara getting married and not publicly returning the insults he hurled her way hurt his image. Now he wants to become emo, and make people forget how much he dogged her out. He’s not changing, he’s being calculating.

  5. The thing is I remember how many men were dragging Ciara and saying how dare her leave Future because he kept her relevant. But Ciara’s career while she was hot definitely eclipses the success Future has today. And Ciara has managed to remain relevant due to her success even though her album sales have declined. She never needed Future. But even now, he has to talk about her because he’s not even one of the biggest rappers out today. That title belongs to Drake, Kendrick and J. Cole.

  6. Future will never admit it but he royally fckd up a good thing….now he will never get a woman better and that has her own which is why he is forced to settle wit Brittni’s dumb arse

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