Meek Mill Has Some Words for Black Lives Matter

Meek Mill is no stranger to taking to social media to speak his mind on thoughts involving the black community and police brutality.

Now the Philly rapper has some words for Black Lives Matter.

In a recent Instagram post, he suggested that BLM organizers shift focus to what’s going on in Chicago.

All Hip Hop writes:

Following the shooting death of 11-year-old Takiya Holmes and a few others in Chicago this week, Meek Mill is now calling for the Black Lives Matter organization to additionally expand their focus to the black on black violence, senseless violence, and the warzone that is Chiraq aka Chicago.

Meek took to Instagram to share his thoughts,

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  1. BLM was created in response to police brutality towards black people. They aren’t obligated to change their focus to Chicago. If they do, great. But he sounds like a Fox News employee.

  2. No!! There are other black organizations out here who cater to stopping black violence. He should do his research and stop using Republican talking points!!

  3. And furthermore, these black artists kill me talking about what BLM should be focusing on when they aren’t using their own platform and resources to do anything. Twitter fingers turn to pointing fingers.

  4. it’s so annoying when people try so hard to seem deep but they fall short. How about this…if he’s so concerned about Chicago, why not use his wealth and influence to do something about it? He doesn’t have to wait on BLM when he has some many resources to change things that the average person does not. But something tells me he just wanted some Instagram likes.

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