Chris Brown’s Former Neighbor Defends Karrueche Tran Amid Abuse Allegations

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: AJ Niles

After Karrueche filed the restraining order against Chris Brown, his fans dragged Karrueche on Instagram and many of them believe she’s not telling the truth . However, it looks as if someone is coming forward to defend Karrueche’s claims of physical abuse by Chris Brown.

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  1. Wayment people don’t believe her? Did we not see the pictures of what he did to Rihanna damn near ten years ago? His fans are delusional as hell. He’s a monster and they need to accept that fact already.

  2. I saw them dragging her yesterday and couldn’t do anything but shake my head. When will they actually start holding Chris responsible? You can be a fan of an artist and still admit when they have done something wrong. But then again, some of them still won’t accept the truth about what he did to Rihanna. To this day, some of them still say she hit him first and it was self defense.

  3. I don’t comment much anymore but I’m very disappointed in Chris. But y’all need to understand not all of us are defending him. Some of us are really upset and disappointed. He has not grown any from the Rihanna situation and it’s sad.

  4. They should be dragging Chris. He’s the one who kept getting into trouble all these years. His life is a complete mess and has been for a very long time. Even becoming a dad hasn’t changed anything.

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