1. N-gga has a whole football team of kids he barely sees and still out here f-cking anyone he can pick up on IG but worried about who Ciara f-cked ten years ago? He ain’t sh-t.

  2. And this is why she sued him. He needs to move on with his life. Ciara is married with a baby on the way. He needs to stop using her for attention.

  3. His ego can’t take the fact that Ciara moved on and upgraded. He’s used to Brittni being a total pushover so he thought Ciara would be the same way. His bad.

  4. Future and James Debarge need to be sued and put in jail for stocking, bullying, and degrading women with lies just to make money off of Janet and Ciara. What they are doing is a crime. Today’s day it’s called Male Street Walkers using womens fame to make nickels and dimes. This is a disgrace for all men.

  5. This man can justify not seeing his own children, children that didn’t ask to be here but he thinks he can drag someone about who they’ve slept with? Little boy bye.

  6. He is used to his baby mamas waiting on him when he feels like fawking. I bet he gives them money for shopping takes them out to dinner and than leaves to go on another tour. I bet there phone calls go unanswered for days unless they bring up the child. This is what he is used to. Ciara doing the damn thing

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