Meek Mill and Crew Taunted Homeless Man?

Meek Mill supposedly made a homeless man who asked him for money to perform pushups for $20.

entertainmentforbreakfast: #MeekMill + friends had a homeless man do 20 push-ups for 20 dollars.

People were not happy with how Meek treated this person:

chosenbeautyxo__: Meek mill is stopping his on blessings ! Who does stuff like that
joe.classic: If your gonna give give whole heartedly
sharon__dee: That b**** karma will make sure he needs that same 20 one day.
mycocopuffs: The mighty will fall!! This some heartless s***. If u’re giving, then just give! Must’ve forgot he was broke as s*** once too. This n**** lost nicki & lost his d*** mind!

Check out the video and comments Below.

#MeekMill + friends had a homeless man do 20 push-ups for 20 dollars.

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  1. Meek and his friends will get their karma for this one day. One thing you never do is mock the homeless and the poor. People start thinking they could never lose everything they have but it happens everyday. Humility is everything.

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