Tyrese Responds to Criticism Regarding His New Wife

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyrese Gibson shocked people the other day when he confirmed that he got married on Valentine’s Day, and he’s received some criticism too because some feel his wife doesn’t appear to be a “black queen.”

And if you follow Tyrese, then you know he claimed that his next wife would be just that.

Well the actor and singer is clapping back.

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  1. People really need to stop it with this he married a white girl or she married a white man. Let people marry whomever they fall in love with even if it is a Purple Man or a Green Girl. Who cares anyway. I hope he’s happy and I hope she’s happy and live in matrimony forever.

  2. He can marry who he wants but stop fronting. She’s not black. Her daddy is white and her mama is a mulatto Hispanic. Family photos have already surfaced. Stop trying to erase black women with you wish black women looked like.Part of something has never equalled whole!

    1. Oh and if she worked for DFACs in Georgia she never made six figures! They don’t pay! Tea has already been spilled that Black Ty made up a “foundation” for her to work for and have her own salary. I can’t stand this fool and I’m actually happy he did NOT marry black.

  3. I don’t think too many Sistas are checking for or care about what Tyrese is doing. But he clowned himself trying to big up his wife like aint no other women out here can compare(race and ethnicity excluded). He act like he trying make her more likeable or something. He the one that cares, not us….

  4. LOL!!!! Baby listen…. it’s more comical to me that these people are trying to spruce up her career and financial status. Working for DFCS, ain’t nothing hefty about her salary lol.

  5. Lots of lies and damage control. Why is Tyrese trying so hard to make her out to be something she’s not?

  6. I am so tired of black men like him trying to make black women seem bitter. We don’t even want you Tyrese because you’ve proven how illiterate and undesirable you are with your tweets. Enjoy your new wife and leave us out of it.

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