Mimi Faust Returns to LHHATL Because She Couldn’t Get out of Her Contract?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: AJ Niles

In a recent interview, it sounds like Mimi Faust really wishes she could walk away from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” but she’s not able to do so for contractual reasons.

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  1. I was wondering why she said she quit and then filmed an entire season like that tweet never happened.

  2. I mean I was trying to understand why she came back too. What storyline is Mimi going to have? She’s honestly boring but I guess as long as Stevie and Joseline are there, the producers want her there too. I can do without her though.

  3. She signed that contract and remember she owns 10% of Joselines “brand” remember those episodes from season 2? So I’m pretty sure it’s a packaged deal now and it’s a 360 deal, that’s why Mimi appears on every spinoff. Legally theyre a trio lol. It’s probably an LLC and all with Stevie, Mimi, Joseline, and Mona as the member managers lol frfr

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