Charlamagne tha God Drags Ciara’s Fanbase, Calls Them ‘Crickets’

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: AJ Niles

After getting dragged on social media by Ciara’s fans, Charlamagne tha God had a few words to say. He wasn’t pleased with their reaction to his opinion of Ciara family portrait.

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  1. He’s such a miserable troll. Everyone defending Ciara aren’t stans. Some of us are just calling him and other miserable little boys out for their BS. They really hate to see black women leave losers and end up in healthy relationships. This has nothing to do with a fanbase.

  2. Lmao! But it’s the truth! Ciara’s fans would rather argue online about her relationship with Russell than actually spend money to support her music. They weren’t even checking for her until she got with Russell but they dragged her when she was wth Future.

    1. Weren’t you and the rest of the Navy crying and calling for Black Girl Unity after Rihanna walked away with zero Grammys despite being nominated like 9 times? But now it’s back to business as usual, so you hopped your little childish self on here to defend a s-xist pig just to spite Ciara. Time for you to grow up and start seeing the big picture.

    2. I don’t think this is the time for stan wars. I have to question how women are siding against Ciara when she’s just living her life like she’s supposed to. Her relationship with Future didn’t work out. What is she supposed to do? Sulk for the rest of her life and never get in another relationship? Or better yet, do like Brittni and continue to wait around for him to change? She did the right thing. The mature thing. I don’t see how anyone can have a problem with that.

  3. He’s a hypocrite because here he is complaining about people having comments about his comments. How are you a radio personality but so sensitive about people not agreeing with the comments you chose to put out there?

  4. Crickets or not, they have a right to call out his ignorance. Just because he took damn near a lifetime to do right by his baby mama and marry her doesn’t make Russell a simp. Russell is a real man. Something this crab knows nothing about.

  5. Her record sales have nothing to do with the photo. Way to deflect. Just another man with a fragile ego, upset that everyone didn’t jump on his bandwagon except his fellow chauvinist Midget Duval. Oh please.

  6. You can tell which black men have never had a healthy relationship their entire life. Shameful and sad. All of it.

  7. It’s scary when you see how confused some of these black men are about masculinity. They associate masculinity with mistreating women. To them, Future is a real man. Russell is not. Being a standup guy isn’t masculine to them. Then they wonder why the black community has so many issues.

  8. Charlamagne is like one of those gnats that just will not go away. It’s unfortunate that he can’t have a healthy debate without deflecting and making this about her career. As someone else said, everyone defending her isn’t a fan. I don’t know what Ciara did to him but he’s totally butt hurt.

  9. I totally agree with him. Her stans were some of the same ones dragging @jessishilarious for her pics with her son, but now all of a sudden Ciara’s are so amazing? Why? Because Russell’s slow looking a-s is in them? Give me a fking break.

  10. Hes right. They dont buy her music. Support her the way she needs. Dont just make noise. I wasnt a fan of the photo either. It was odd

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