Comedian TK Kirkland Says Kanye Only Endorsed Trump to Compete with Jay Z

Kanye endorsed Donald Trump and even made headlines after he agreed to meet him at the Trump Tower months ago.

After he received a lot of backlash, he eventually withdrew his support and even deleted his tweets that were in support of the current president.

Interestingly enough, comedian TK Kirkland seems to believe Kanye only endorsed Trump in the first place to compete with Jay Z.

As you already know, Jay Z was a Hillary Clinton supporter.

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, while discussing black celebrities who have endorsed and/or had meetings with Trump, TK says:

“I really don’t know why Jim Brown was there and I think Kanye West was there to go against anything Jay Z was doing because Jay Z was for Hillary. He wanted to compete against Jay Z, so he wound up rolling with Donald Trump.

“Then months later and weeks later, he stopped following Donald Trump and deleted his tweets. Interesting.”

Check out the interview below:

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  1. We all knew this though. Kanye couldn’t stand that Obama chose the Carters while calling him a jacka-s. He picked Trump out of spite.

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