Gabourey Sidibe Checks Critics of Her ‘Empire’ Love Scene

During her interview with Nylon Magazine, Gabourey had thoughts on the hate she received after her love scene on “Empire.” The “Precious” star, who recently had weight loss surgery, is letting people know people of any size can and should experience love. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Even though she’s feeling great these days, there are still haters online who are quick to criticize her looks. The unsolicited commentary came to a head during the second season of Empire, the Fox hip-hop drama in which Sidibe plays Becky, a former assistant to Terrence Howard’s Lucious Lyon, who is later promoted to vice president of A&R. During the episode in question, Becky partakes in a racy rooftop sex scene.  Becky wore a black bra, and wrapped her legs around J Poppa, portrayed by actor Mo McRae.

“I wasn’t gyrating on top of him or anything, but it was awkward filming at first—what we shot but didn’t air was a lot worse because I’m a sexual deviant. It was only a big deal, though, because I happen to be in this body. This is body that I have had my entire life and career. You all knew I was fat then; don’t turn on the TV and still be surprised I am fat. It implies that people with bigger bodies don’t find love and aren’t worth loving. Why don’t I deserve it? Because I’m not skinny? I love my body and I deserve love. We all do at any size.”

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  1. She has a beautiful spirit. Anyway, people need to let her be. She’s losing weight anyway and looks great.

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