Lee Daniels Reveals Disappointment in ‘Star’ Ratings + Talks Not Supporting #OscarsSoWhite

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lee Daniels is once again talking about race in Hollywood and being disappointed in the ratings for “Star.”

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  1. And this is why the ratings for Star are boo boo. He’s a c–n. A lot of us give Lee a pass for Empire because of our loyalty to Taraji and Jussie but we aren’t invested in anyone on Star so we don’t watch. He needs to stop talking so much. When he says c–n stuff like this, it makes people not want to support him.

  2. Lee is such a disgrace and Star is terrible I’ve watched it a couple of times just for Latifah but after the 3rd episode I stopped it’s horrible.

  3. Star is just a terrible show. Truth is Empire isn’t that far behind it but people keep trying to give it a chance because season one was decent and they like the cast. But that could change if the writing doesn’t improve. There’s too many good TV shows out now to stick to something out of loyalty.

  4. I don’t understand why everybody so mad, he made oscar nominated movies so why would he be apart of oscars so white when it didn’t apply to him. Maybe more black directors should make better movies

  5. Lmao Lee Daniels is one of the most overrated black directors of all time. Notice how his only decent projects revolved around books he didn’t write. But things he comes up with on his own are straight trash. He better be careful about talking down to black folks. He’s going to need us when white people finally stop thinking he’s hip and move on to the next c–n. How many times have we seen that happen?

  6. Oh and black directors have been making great films for a very long time and many of them have never been nominated for an Oscar. Meanwhile, mediocre white films stay collecting awards. Catch up.

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