Being Mary Jane Recap: MJ Gets a Major Career Win + Has a Major Setback with Lee

Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night’s mid-season finale of “Being Mary Jane” featured a big career win for MJ but her love life just got even more confusing.

Here’s a recap of “Getting It.”

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  1. I wish she hadn’t slept with Justin. It’s something about him I just don’t trust. I feel like he’s really going to do something dirty to her before the season ends.

  2. I need for her to really leave Lee alone. He doesn’t want marriage nor does he want a baby with her so why be with him when you want marriage and a family?

  3. Figured she would end up with Justin at some point. Anyway, I get the feeling everything is going to crash down on her at once- Justin will turn out to be shady and cross her, Ronda will get her revenge, Lee will find out about her and Justin and drop her when she wants him back.I’m calling it now.

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