Future Says Relationship With Ciara Made Him Corny, Forcing Him to Cutback on Drug Use

Photo Credit: Billboard

By: AJ Niles

Whenever Future does an interview, Ciara or his relationships with his other baby mommas seem to always be the topic of conversation.

A recent interview with Billboard proves to be no different.

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  1. Damn he’s pressed! You damn right she gave up on your sorry a-s! She realized she could do better so she did!

  2. I think he was on drugs when he did the interview or he needs a publicist that will teach him how to talk and make sense.

  3. This dude can’t get through an interview without talking about Ciara but his stans say she’s an irrelevant flop who needed him. It’s just not adding up. LOL.

  4. When the hell is he going to move on already? And I’m not talking about wasting Brittni’s time either. I mean like really move on.

  5. This is why I have to shake my head when men defend this loser and bash Ciara. Ciara literally minds her business but this demon refuses to stop talking about her.

  6. Had no idea he was doing hard drugs!! Anyway i know Britni the other baby mama will be pissed off. She always posting about him but he never mentions her after all these years

  7. I can’t stand Ciara but even if have to admit she’s not to blame for his problems. And she damn sure needs to be less of a factor in his interviews. Since they know the questions before hand he needs to have the ones about her eliminated. All this does is make him look like the bitter one still hung up on his ex.

  8. This man is a hot mess. I can’t believe people still place all the blame on Ciara. It’s obvious he was and continues to be the problem.

  9. This is the sh-t I was talking about. Yet people still defend this f-ck boy drug addict on Twitter all day long.

  10. Ciara done had courting, marriage and a new pregnancy and this man is still talking about her. He is so hurt.

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