More Details Released on Nia Long & Taraji P Henson’s Feud on ‘Empire’ Set

TMZ released more details behind the rumors of Taraji P. Henson and Nia Long clashing behind the scenes of the hit show “Empire.” Apparently, Nia really upset the crew so much they filed a complaint.

We broke the story … Nia and Taraji P. Henson were at war with each other because Taraji was irate over the way Nia treated the staff, and it got so bad producers were trying to figure out how to shoot scenes with the two of them where each actress did their part separately. It was so tense neither would speak to the other.

— Our sources say in the history of the show the hair and makeup people have only filed one formal complaint for mistreatment … and that was against Nia. The hair and makeup people say she was extremely disrespectful … at times deciding she didn’t like her look at the last-minute and then chewing them out. The sources say there have been numerous guest appearances on the show — “from rappers to Demi Moore, and no complaints were lodged against anyone but Nia.”

— Our sources say Nia was “habitually late.” They say Taraji and Terrence Howard would sometimes be waiting on set for 30 minutes and Nia was a no-show. Producers would finally use a stand-in for Nia so Taraji and Terrence could rehearse a scene.

— It is custom on the set when guest stars finish their last scene for the Assistant Director to call it out … “This is (name of actor) last scene,” followed by a “thank you” and applause. When Nia did her last scene, Terrence was having some sort of allergic reaction and his lip began swelling. The A.D. was looking for Benadryl when Nia left. It’s unclear if the A.D. was distracted or just didn’t want to thank Nia, but we’re told as Nia walked out she told someone in production she was going to sue the show because the “goodbye” was in her contract. Production sources say it was not in her contract.

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  1. Ok now I know this is true. Nia needs to check her attitude. She’s been in the business to long too be acting like that.

  2. I remember Nia and Terrance Howard did an interview and he said when they first started working together he asked what was she was doing after they finished shooting and he said ahe snapped on him and said Why? You think u gonna take me home and f*ck me? Thats when I knew she was tempermental. Lol he said he only wanted to go have a drink. Lol she looked so embarrassed that he told that story….she kept asking him not too. So I can imagine her being very difficult too work with.

  3. Nia’s publicist better cut the sh-t and stop trying to shade Empire because this sh-t ain’t a good look. It’s bad enough she’s a c-nt to anyone who isn’t an actor but throwing shade in your statements about the sh-t your client is guilty of? The audacity.

  4. You can’t be black in the industry and think you’re going to keep getting away with having a stank a-s attitude and not get called out.

    1. It depends on how successful you are, I’m sure their are plently of A-list divas who get away with having a stank attitude because they can.

  5. I think Nia and her PR rep just need to stop responding because the more they deny, the more details come out.

  6. I said it when UB broke the story yesterday that I had heard that Nia was very hard to work with. So there you have it. She had better chill. There are a lot of young beautiful black actors/actressess in this business and she will be blowing away with the dust if she don’t watch it.

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