RHOA Reunion Season Nine Tea Confirmed

One of the rumors surrounding the RHOA reunion for season nine is that Phaedra Parks was called out because it was discovered her divorce from Apollo Nida still isn’t final.

In fact, different sources claimed that Phaedra used “fake names” on court documents which caused the delay.

Apparently that may have been somewhat accurate.

According to TMZ, the judge who has been presiding over Apollo and Phaedra’s divorce tossed out the divorce judgment for a number of reasons, including Phaedra misspelling names.

TMZ writes:

Phaedra Parks’ ride in the single lane has come to a screeching halt — a judge tossed out her divorce judgment because it was unfair to Apollo Nida.

The judge said he was troubled by a number of things, including Phaedra “intentionally misspelling the parties names.”

In the docs — obtained by TMZ — hizzoner also said he was troubled Apollo was given the impression he would attend future divorce hearings from prison, which was always out of the question.

Apollo was also not informed of the final hearing or served with docs notifying him the divorce was final.

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    1. I think it’s safe to say that all of these women are dishonest to a certain point, well maybe except Kandi. But she’s done her fair share of dirt too. People like Phaedra for many reasons, not becomes she’s some symbol of high moral ground. This isn’t that kind of show.

      1. Thank you. And she’s probably a Kenya stan anyway. So I don’t think she needs to call anyone else out for lying. LOL.

  1. Wait what is the good sis trying to do? Why would she misspell the names? Phaedra is my girl but she’s really been confusing the hell out of me this season.

  2. Yeah I need Phaedra to explain this. She was the one who initiated the divorce I thought. So why sabotage it?

  3. The f-ck? Now why would Phaedra intentionally misspell names? Sh-t she doesn’t even want to be married to Apollo anymore. I need more details cause this sh-t ain’t making any sense.

  4. I see what u doing phadrea, she holding up that divorce because she don’t want apollo to go off and marry that girl. She don’t want him but she don’t want anyone else to have him either. It could also jeopardize her spot on the show, who knows they may kick her off and replace her with his new boo.

  5. You know what. Apollo is doing a whole lot from prison. He needs to sign the da-n papers and let it go. This is too much.

  6. Maybe she did it after finding out about his new lady. Being the fact that he was engaged before they were divorced could work in her favor. I’m hoping this is the case because this whole ordeal doesn’t make since

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