Trey Songz Says Keke Palmer Lied on Him to Promote Her Book

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like Trey Songz has more to say about his fallout with Keke Palmer.

In fact, he feels the whole situation was just a way for her to get attention and promote her book.

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  1. He’s the same one who started tweeting about his new music after he got into it with Nicki, so I guess he should know.

    1. Oh please…she came at him first. She used her opportunity to deflect and he used his opportunity to promote

      1. I’m not a mind reader or anything, but I’m about 95% sure that’s what Barbee is saying. Trey is trying to shade Keke for doing the same thing he did after he got into it with Nicki…promoting.

  2. Why would Keke need to use his name to sell her book when she’s more relevant than he is? For someone who feels like Nicki was arrogant to suggest such, he sure is smelling himself as well. Keke is going to be good regardless of what he does. She was smart enough to get a career in acting. Music artists ain’t out here winning like they used to.

    1. I think it’s going to be the norm for people to ask him about Nicki and Keke in all his interviews now, or at least it sure does seem that way.

  3. They are all using each other for promotion. I wish we could go back to knowing as little as possible about people

  4. Did anyone ever take Trey to task for pushing that black woman who did nothing to him after he threw a temper tantrum on stage and trashed his own equipment? I find it interesting how depending on a man’s looks, a lot of women will turn a blind eye to a man’s disgusting and abusive behavior towards women. I lost respect for him.

    1. Nope there wasn’t even a peep about it. Trey is one of the most coddled R&B singers out here besides Chris Brown. If a black man is attractive, the capes will stay on.

  5. Ok and he’s using Keke’s name to promote his album then because the only snippets of his interviews I’m seeing are about Keke and Nicki. As many years as he’s been in the game, he should question why that’s the case. I don’t think they are the ones who need help in the relevance department but maybe that’s just me.

  6. Wasn’t he the one who just had a fake reality show with VH1 to promote his album? So is he the only one who can do publicity stunts or nah?

  7. Both of them need to let it go. Both have told their sides multiple times and there’s nothing else that needs to be said.

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