Erica Dixon Opens up About Recent Arrest

Erica Dixon appeared on Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5 to discuss her recent run in with police.

BET writes:

“Ok, so [the officer] stopped me and said I was speeding,” Dixon recalled. “Ok fine, write me my speeding ticket. I give him my license and he says, ‘Miss Dixon…’ I knew then, oh gosh, it’s over with.”

She went on to say that the officer ordered her to get out of her car. After minutes of waiting, Dixon told the officer, “I feel like you’re harassing me, can you please just call your captain?” The officer responded, “I ain’t calling no dang body.” When the officer finally returned to her car and handed Dixon back her license and speeding ticket, he told her, “If you drive off, you’re going to jail.”

Dixon asked, “For what?” The officer responded, “Ma’am, I smell alcohol.” When the officer asked if Dixon would take a sobriety test, she refused, saying the officer was harassing her. She then pulled around to a pump in the gas station they were parked at when the officer made his move. “Before I knew it he back at my window, banging on the window like, ‘Get out of the car, you’re going to jail!”

Check out her full interview below.

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  1. Erica really girl? I’m not giving the police a pass but she did the absolute most and it could have ended in another tragedy.

  2. I’m not giving her a pass. People are out here getting beat and killed by cops and she actually sped off because she thought the cop had an attitude? Girl get it together.

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