Blac Chyna Airs Out Tyga

Apparently Blac Chyna ranted on Snapchat this morning and she went all the way in on Tyga.

Page Six writes:

The reality star appeared to blast her former lover for failing to pay child support in a series of angry posts shared with her followers on Wednesday.

The mother-of-two began: “It’s funny now to me !!! But when Tyga and side n—a kicked me out !!! And they wanted to see me fail ! lol … And 2 grind from the dirt !!!!! No child support!”

She continued: “N—as is like hoes ! So imma treat u like that ! Not paying Jenny ! Wow… [sic] Stop running to ur money ! Telling my business about King ! I bet any money ! I got more money then ur account Tyga , Michael ! !!! [sic]”

Her rant went on as she wrote: “So go tell Kylie , and Rob! About our son Account ! Cause that’s the only reason I’m contacting ur f** ass ! But u wanna make it like I want u lol ! [sic].”

“Tyga ur a b—h ! And u can go get ur mom , or ur b—h ! Lol ! !!!! Or ur n—a u f—in ,,, or Terrell, or heather !”

The former stripper then posted the address of her Lashed salon in California and demanded the rapper come and speak to her face to face.


You can check out the screenshots here.

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  1. I see the Klan wants attention so they called up one of their loyal employees Chyna to stir up some mess today. People don’t care about the robbery, Khloe’s new victim, or Caitlyn anymore, so they are going back to the basics. I’m assuming the other employee, Amber Rose will add her two cents soon to keep this going. This people are such attention whores.

    1. No, Chyna is on her own. The Kardashians didn’t ask her to do this. At some point, people need to realize Chyna’s whole beef with the Kardashians is she wants to be them. This was definitely for attention, but these kinds of stunts couldn’t keep her reality show with Rob from flopping.

  2. She’ll say she was hacked soon. Even though every time this happens, she says the same stuff which is he’s on the down low and using Kylie for her money.

  3. She actually used the f word and there’s no outrage? Well I guess she’s such a non factor that the gay community doesn’t even feel the need to go after her.

  4. I hate it when birds brag about not taking a man to court for child support. That sh-t ain’t commendable! It’s dumb as f-ck to sit back and think that sh-t is something to brag about.

  5. I guess she’s trying to say he hasn’t been paying the nanny. He better get his sugar momma Kylie on the job.

    1. Yep and I read that Tyga has been dipping into the bank account Chyna set up for King!! He’s been taking money out for himself and not using a dime of it to pay for anything related to their son!!

  6. This is why Kylie is so dumb. As young as she is, she’s wasting her good years on a flop/bum/deadbeat dad. Fail!

  7. I call bs I remember back in 2015 an article came out and said that Tyga has to pay her rent, car, and nanny expenses.

    [link removed]

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