Amber Rose Says Athletes Are Too Dumb for Her

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose may have dated a few athletes in the past, but there’s a reason she’s decided to swear them off.

Apparently she doesn’t feel they are intelligent enough for her.

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  1. Is Amber serious? She’s not all that intelligent herself. She claims to be a feminist but has proven on numerous occasions that she really has no idea what the movement is really about. Instead of reading actual books and doing research on the movement, she decided to take the lazy way out and reduce it to being able to sleep with as many men as possible and twerk on Instagram freely without being judged. Cerebral she is not.

  2. This is the same bird who always screams she’s being slut shamed when someone calls her out on her sh-t, yet she is always shaming other people who don’t fit her bullsh-t a-s agenda. I wish she would shut her fake a-s up. She’s not smart either. Just your average hustler ex stripper who happened to f-ck the right rapper. Had Kanye never taken her bald headed a-s out the club, she’d still be there to this day. She didn’t get where she is with intelligence, that’s for damn sure.

  3. No, athletes just ain’t feeling her like that. They are passing her up for badder IG models. No need to be salty about it Amber. If one of the top 5 NBA or NFL players was in your DMs, you’d respond boo. Don’t front.

  4. She’s too full of herself to realize that she’s no better than the “dumb” athletes she’s trying to shade. It’s amazing how talentless people get put on by people with actual talent, and their egos end up out of control.

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