RHOA Recap: Apollo’s Fiancee Makes Her Debut + He Confirms Divorce is Not Final

Kandi is preparing the restaurant for a preview for friends and family.

Todd and Kandi are clashing over the restaurant a little, because Kandi feels like Todd won’t allow her to offer much input.

While it’s annoying Kandi, she decided to allow Todd to remain in the driver seat, for now.

Kenya and Sheree make peace.

After clashing over domestic violence in Maui, Sheree and Kenya are now on friendly terms.

They update each other on their love lives, (Sheree is done with Bob for good, and Kenya is moving forward without Matt), and both feel like it’s best not to return to the toxic relationships.

Sheree also confirms that her house is almost done and Kenya is invited to the housewarming.

Peter and Todd catch up with Apollo.

Todd picks up Peter from the airport and Apollo calls while they are in the car.

He tells them that while he won’t be able to attend the preview for OLG, his fiancée will be in the building.

Apollo also reveals that his divorce from Phaedra is not final yet because he’s decided to fight for what he feels he deserves.

Cynthia’s divorce from Peter is final.

Now that it’s officially over, Cynthia reflects on the marriage with Noel. She also reveals that she feels like she’s been living her life for everyone else, so now it’s time to live her life on her own terms.

“So much of my identity has been tied to Peter for the last ten years, so what do I do now?” – Cynthia to Noel

The OLG preview is a success and Apollo’s fiancée comes through.

Thankfully, Todd is able to get the restaurant cleaned up in time for the preview.

The place looks great and everything goes without a hitch.

Sherien shows up and has an awkward introduction to the ladies. When Kandi asks her if she started dating Apollo while he was still with Phaedra, she didn’t deny it.

“Wifey wasn’t around much, so I was there more than she was. I mean he’s been away for two years, she’s only been there twice.” –  Sherien

Apollo calls while they are all at the preview, and he tells Kandi that his divorce from Phaedra is not final and he doesn’t care if anyone thinks that it’s messy for Sherien to be at the restaurant.

“I am sick and tired of Phaedra’s alternative facts AKA lies.” – Kenya


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Now Kandi was heated when the producers went behind her back and brought Block on the show and now her husband had no issue doing this. This sums up the hypocritical mess that has been this entire season.

  2. This woman seemed very excited to be on TV. I’m starting to think her and Apollo are a match made in scammer heaven.

    1. Heard the producers provided her with the jacket, Chanel bag and truck she was driving. Miss Big Time Realtor ain’t so big after all.

  3. I think it’s obvious Apollo was cheating with his “fiancee” well before he ended up back in prison. I don’t expect her to admit that though.

    1. She slipped and said since 2013. That’s a good 2 years before the marriage ended. Funny how Kandi lied and said Phaedra was fking Mr. Chocolate, yet nobody has stepped forward to spill any tea about this man.

  4. Apollo needs to stop throwing shade at Phaedra’s looks and etc because she was fine enough to marry and have two babies with. I really can’t stand him.

  5. I’m really not a fan of Apollo’s new chick. Something about her is snake like for me. It just feels like she’s been trying to squeeze her way on RHOA for a while now and Apollo finally made it possible. That’s just the vibe I get though.

  6. If Todd really didn’t want to be messy, they could have easily shut Apollo down when he said his fiancée was going to the OLG preview. Todd didn’t and apparently he didn’t even mention it to Kandi so that lets me know he didn’t really have that much of a problem with it..

  7. The only interesting part of this episode was seeing Sherien. Hopefully the season finale and reunion will make up for how dry these last few episodes have been.

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