French Montana Defends His Right to Call a Black Woman’s Hair Nappy

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By: AJ Niles

French Montana is in very hot water after he posted a Twitter clap back disrespecting a black woman’s hair.

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    1. Not at all and its absolutely disgusting. We are always in the front lines for them whenever something happens yet they hardly ever defend us in the same way.

    2. Believe it or not, some black women are defending him too. They’re idiots and the same ones who hate their own blackness and spend all day wearing capes for the Kardashians. No real black woman who loves herself will try to reason with anyone calling a black woman’s hair dusty and nappy. But when you hate your own blackness, you don’t mind defending those who bash it.

  1. Being from Africa doesn’t make you black though. Anyone with sense knows that if they actually opened up a book and knew the history of the continent. I mean there are white people born and raised in Africa. So we’re supposed to be ok with them using the N word and calling us nappy?

  2. The fact that he thinks he has a right to say this is the real problem. Even after getting dragged, he feels like it is his right to use a racist word towards a black woman. He’s trash and it’s sad that there’s black people actually defending him. We are are own worst enemy. We ride hider for others than our own.

  3. He is not black. Having a black baby mama, dating a Kardashian, dating a black actress and being from Africa does not change that. I would say he should be boycotted but no one buys his music anyway. He’s a nonfactor besides a little tabloid attention here and there.

  4. The young lady didn’t even mention him/at him. So he went searching for negative tweets so he could get in his feelings. Not to mention, what she said wasn’t even that bad and didn’t warrant that response.

  5. I always knew French was full of sh-t and never have and never will support him. I mean really, didn’t y’all take notice that he’s quiet as a mouse when it comes to BLM and police brutality, but as soon as Trump comes along with his anti Muslim rhetoric, all of a sudden he had an opinion and spoke up? He’s making money off of black people and hasn’t supported us but will disrespect black women in a minute. F-ck him.

  6. His mom is black making him half black. Any other time y’all be quick to call half blacks black but because he said something mean to someone who came at him y’all don’t want to acknowledge that? I don’t get the backlash.

    1. He never said his mom is black…he said African and that doesn’t mean she’s got melanin in her body. Regardless even if he was/is half black, that makes what he tweeted that black woman acceptable? You’re part of the problem. Black women are expected to take mistreatment and disrespect from everyone, right? Do better. We are NOT punching bags!

  7. I’m still trying to understand why she deserved all of that. It’s not like she called him out of his name or even came at him directly. He needs to grow up.

  8. Black women are the only race of women that are expected to take disrespect like this. Even from our own men and “half black” men. Nope, he can keep getting dragged. I don’t give a damn what his mom’s race/ethnicity is.

  9. This isn’t the first time he has come for black women’s hair. He came at Tichina Arnold about her hair and she eloquently put him in his place. He clearly has issues. But what more can you expect from someone who dated a Kardashian? Those women attract nothing but racists and self haters because they themselves are racists.

  10. It’s one thing when you apologize and realize you were ignorant and need to do better, but this man still doesn’t get it. He told a beautiful black woman that her well taken care of braids were nappy and dusty and defends doing so by talking about having a black ex wife and African mother. Wow.

  11. Going by what he tweeted her I just knew she had to say some really disrespectful ish but she didn’t. He’s corny and ignorant and needs thicker skin.

  12. He would never fix his fingers to type this kind of nonsense to a white woman. Hell, he probably wouldn’t come at any other race of women like this tbh. Black women constantly get abuse from all fronts. What she tweeted wasn’t even that bad compared to what he tweeted. Plus she didn’t even @ him. He literally went searching through tweets not directed at him to find a black woman to make an example out of. All of y’all who are defending this devil better wake up.

  13. 1. He was trying WAY TOO hard to be funny!!
    2. What he said was NOT funny!! not even a little
    3. Just cuz you identify BLACK/AFRICAN DOES NOT mean its true!! Our OWN ppl can be racist to themselves/US/Black ppl at times
    4. What the Twitter young lady said was not a big deal!!! State your relevance? Should of answered in a contributing manner- what he HAS done for his culture… etc
    5. But instead he was butt-hurt and in his feelings THEN decided to attack!

    Childish, immature, he’s on his period-PMSing??!! DAMN completely unnecessary!

    QUICK!!! To state his mother, wife, son are black BUT was also QUICK to drop black wife and start dating them culture vultures!!

    THINK, like really THINK about the ‘black men’ cosigning him?! … enough said *screw-face*

    KEEP HOLDING THESE NO ACOUNT YOU MEN FEET TO THE FLAMES!! self-loathing uneducated sloths!

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