Evelyn Lozada Denies Blocking Jennifer Williams from Returning to ‘Basketball Wives’

Photo Credit: Hip Hollywood

By: AJ Niles

The upcoming season of “Basketball Wives” will feature Evelyn Lozada and how she interacts with Tami Roman and Jackie Christie. There’s already drama because Jackie Christie isn’t happy with Evelyn donating to her estranged daughter’s Go Fund Me campaign.

But Evelyn wants it to be known that she is not the reason why Jennifer is not on the show, despite recent reports.

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  1. So Evelyn made it so Jenn couldn’t do the show unless she agreed to forgive her and be friends again. Evelyn needs to get over herself.

  2. That’s basically what it sounds like to me too if her and Jennifer are not friends then there’s no need for Jennifer to do the show in the producers eyes espcially when she said she not trying too talk to her about their friendship on camera, it was a wrap for Jennifer!

  3. The world doesn’t revolve around Evelyn. I would have liked for Jenn to come back regardless of if she is cool with Evelyn again or not.

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