Tyrese Says He Only Dated Black Women + Wife is 46 Percent Black

Photo Credit: Youtube.com

By: AJ Niles

Tyrese continues to defend his wife’s blackness and opens up about his past dating preferences during his recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club.”

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  1. Why is he still talking about this?! So doggone annoying!!!! This divorce needs to go ahead and go down already. Dang.

    1. This is my question as well! Why is he talking about this nonsense?! Smh ??‍♀️ Honestly, does anyone truly care? Jesus take the wheel! Straight shenanigans! ?

  2. I wish he would shut the f-ck up. For someone who ain’t been married longer than five minutes, he sure does feel the need to convince strangers that his wife is a win. Be happy and shut the f-ck up already.

  3. His friends have failed him. They all know he’s an ignorant fool but they continue to enable him anyway.

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