Erika Alexander Has Mixed Feelings About ‘Living Single’ Revival?

In a recent interview with Ebony Magazine, Erika, who portrayed fan favorite Maxine Shaw on the iconic show, appears to have mixed feelings about a “Living Single” revival.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

EBONY: What do you think about that show coming back, or some version of it?

Alexander: I’m not a person that likes to retread the past for a lot of reasons. Obviously that show was very dear to me. The character is one of my favorites that I’ve ever done. I love that it’s beloved. People give me a lot of love for it. If only for that reason it would be reason enough to do it. But as an actress often you can get pigeonholed and perhaps just honestly if I’d spent more time having a larger film presence that wouldn’t seem like such a big deal but I didn’t so you have to balance these things.

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  1. Living Single is a classic show that doesn’t need to come back. It was perfection and it should be left alone.

  2. It doesn’t need to be revived. I feel like we’re in a weird place with TV and movies because all the studios want to do is bring back classic shows and films. It’s just lazy to me.

  3. I didn’t know they were thinking about bringing it back. Love the show but I don’t want it revived in any way. I’m still salty about that Gilmore Girls revival. It was terrible.

  4. Her concerns are fair. Queen Latifah was fortunate enough to land a variety of opportunities after the show but everyone else wasn’t so lucky.

  5. You have to leave the classics alone because when you bring them back, it’s never going to be as good as the original.

  6. Nah! This is like doing a Martin remake. Don’t do it. When you strike gold, don’t tarnish it by trying to recreate it.

  7. It’s not going to work because that style of comedy is dead. They would have to revamp it to the point where it becomes an entirely different show

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