RHOA Recap: Kim and Kenya Face Off + Kandi and Phaedra Can Never Be Friends Again

Sheree is planning her housewarming party.

The party is one week away, and Sheree wants it to be as over the top as possible. She decides to do a masquerade ball.

Sheree is nervous because she knows the other housewives are just waiting for more material to shade her with, so the party has to be on point.

Kandi goes with Riley to see Block.

They go to her favorite restaurant and Kandi attends just to make sure she feels comfortable.

Block arrives and it’s clear things are really awkward for Riley. Kandi plays him Riley’s song and he realizes it’s about him.

“Want to know why I was gone and what happened?” – Block to Riley

Riley isn’t interested in hearing any excuses from Block on why he wasn’t around, especially when he acts like having another family is a valid excuse.

He accuses Kandi of brainwashing Riley, but Riley lets him know that their relationship is damaged because he wasn’t around and she’s not being influenced by Kandi.

Block apologizes and promises to do better and Riley agrees to give him a chance.

Kandi learns about Johnnie Winston’s lawsuit.

Kandi finds out Johnnie is suing her for unpaid wages but she claims she paid him what he was owed. She tells Todd and Carmon that she heard Phaedra was encouraging him to move forward with the suit.

Cynthia gives a bone to Porsha and Porsha passes that bone on to Phaedra.

At Sheree’s housewarming party, Cynthia informs Porsha that Apollo’s fiancee showed up to the OLG preview.

Porsha thinks it was messy and tells Phaedra.

“I’m to the point now I’m getting ready to knock the b*tch head off. “ – Phaedra to Porsha

Phaedra feels like Todd and Kandi are deliberately trying to upset her and she calls them “wicked.”

Kim Zolciak shows up to the party and Kenya discovers Sheree’s basement is unfinished.

When Kandi spots Kim, she realizes the night is going to be full of drama.

Kenya goes down to Sheree’s basement with Kandi and squeals with delight when she sees it’s unfinished.

Sheree confronts her and Kandi for going down to the basement with Kim in tow.

Kandi decides to be the bigger person and speak to Kim. Kim tells her that after five years, she doesn’t think they should have beef anymore.

They hug it out and later make plans to have lunch and catch up.

Kim and Kenya clash after Kim tries to take up for Sheree.

“Why are you just being an a*shole?” – Kim to Kenya

“Your v*gina’s about to fall out.” – Kim to Kenya about her dress

“Maybe you’ll get lucky tonight and see it.” – Kenya

“No b*tch, I have a man at home. A ‘real’ man.” – Kim

“At least I don’t look like I’ve had five kids, ok?” – Kenya

“Your husband doesn’t have a job right now so worry about that.” – Kenya

“Really? 8 years in the NFL, 20 million dollars? I think he’s ok, b*tch” – Kim

“B*tch you want to be me. You want to have a baby, you can’t. You want to have a man, you f*cking don’t. Bye motherf*cker.” – Kim

“I know I’m not a duck like your lips.” – Kenya to Kim

“Bought and paid for, b*tch.” – Kim

Kandi apologizes to Phaedra about Apollo’s fiancee showing up to the OLG preview.

“She and I will never be right.” – Phaedra discussing Kandi in a confessional

Kandi lets Phaedra know she had no idea Sherien would be showing up but she apologizes anyway because she wants Phaedra to know she didn’t think it was cool.

Phaedra accepts her apology but she doesn’t think they will ever be friends again.

Kandi then asks Phaedra if she helped Johnnie file the lawsuit against her.

Phaedra says legally she can’t answer the question but she’s not his attorney. Kandi laughs and realizes that things will never be the same with Phaedra because she believes Phaedra is out to get her.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Why does Kenya start stuff with people and then play victim when they drag her? I’m not a fan of Kim but I’m glad she gave Kenya the trouble she was looking for. Kenya has way too much mouth and she’s too immature for my liking.

  2. Why does Kandi always feel Phaedra owes her some sort of loyalty when she’s the same woman who couldn’t tell her ‘best friend’ she was hiding her husband’s stuff from the Feds, and then accused her of calling said Feds to her house? Kandi’s done a lot of sh-t and yet expects Phaedra to have her back.

  3. I don’t understand Kandi. It’s like despite all the things she’s said about Phaedra, deep down inside she still wants them to be friends again. And I have to question why that is if she thinks Phaedra is such a shady person. I honestly believe Kandi’s real issue with Porsha is jealousy of her close relationship with Phaedra. I think the lesbian thing is just a cover.

  4. I think we may have gotten a preview of season ten last night. Now I just need for NeNe to come back with a peach.

  5. I feel like Kandi and Phaedra both crossed each other in a way that will make it impossible for them to ever be close again. Kandi should have never gotten so involved with what Apollo was doing, regardless if Todd and him are friends. It really did hurt the friendship she had with Phaedra, and she made things worse by bringing up the Mr. Chocolate stuff back up. Phaedra retaliated with the lesbian stuff and it’s been really messy since.

  6. I don’t know why Kenya throws out low blows but would be whining on Twitter if someone brought up the fact that her mother abandoned her and Matt is abusive. She’s the biggest hypocrite.

  7. Can we talk about how gorgeous Chateau Sheree is? That’s the real reason Kenya was so pressed. She knows her house can’t compete.

    1. That house is freaking stunning. On WWHL Andy even said the invite to the housewarming was gorgeous and incredibly expensive. Sheree did her thing with that house.

  8. Kim dragged the f-ck out of Kenya and all she could comeback with is calling Kroy unemployed and calling Kim duck lips when she’s paying for broke a-s Matt’s flights and she’s had as many botched surgeries thank Kim has. She knows she lost so she’s been on Instagram writing essays to hype up her annoying a-s stans.

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