Evelyn Lozada Wants You to Know…

The upcoming season of “Basketball Wives” will be full of drama.

Evelyn Lozada returns and her beef with Tami Roman is back on.

And not just that, but even Jackie Christie has a bone to pick with Evelyn too, since Evelyn donated to her estranged daughter’s Go Fund Me campaign, something Jackie feels is very disrespectful.

Then of course Evelyn will also clash with Brandi and Malaysia, making her the season’s most popular target.

And that’s why she agrees when fans tell her that she is the show:

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  1. I think Evelyn needs to remember that the first two seasons were the best because of the entire cast. In fact, I think the season would be better if Jenn came back too and not just for a cameo. Royce is missed as well.

  2. I think Evelyn does make the show not when she’s acting a fool and jumping on tables but just her family life and relationships, the cute clothes she wears etc.. I don’t see Tammy getting her own show and she acts like a damn fool in every episode and the ratings was still low so apparently she’s not that interesting.

  3. I think Evelyn is definitely one of the standouts but I agree the show was better the first couple of season because of multiple people including her. She may be back and it will improve the show but most of the drama is centered around her, Tami and Jackie.

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