Dr. Jackie’s Husband Curtis Put on Blast by Alleged Side Chick

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago Dr. Jackie’s husband Curtis was spotted out in public acting very couple like with a mystery woman, and now that woman is speaking out.

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  1. Wow. Well Curtis is way out of line. I realize they are having problems in their marriage but that doesn’t give him a pass to cheat.

  2. So I guess the next season will focus on this. Honestly, I feel like their marriage ended after he told her he didn’t want to adopt any kids.

  3. First you can tell he is jealous of his wife success.
    Second- girl please. He made you put every room in your name but you didnt think anything.
    Next, you clicked with this old man at first sight.
    Please. Something in water not clean

    1. she knew he was married. they knew each other from a friend. you are so right she is lying just tying to get her 1 seconds of fame

  4. And the “mutual friend” never happened to mention that he was married or on television? Girl, your vetting process needs some work.

  5. All that moaning he was doing about her not spending enough time with him, but here he was giving another woman most of his free time. Pathetic.

  6. Dr. Jackie you must change “Everything”. Curtis is lying to you.
    This man is very selfish and only cares about what he can get out of this marriage. TRUST he has already spoken to a lawyer about what he can get from you (Dr. Jackie).
    #1 – no more Joint Bank Account. Don’t fund his WHORES.
    #2 – no more Car Collection.
    #3 – no more Golf Club Membership.
    #4 – No more House – move back to the CONDO you liked Dr. Jackie.
    #5 – Curtis is just staying for the money. He will cheat again because this isn’t the first time he done this. Ask Kursten’s mother (Curtis daughter)she knows all too well.
    #6 – Curtis friend who let them f-ck in his house, YOU KNOW who he is Dr. Jackie, Yes you do.

  7. If the hotel room was usually or always in her name, she had to know something was up. She might be young and dumb, but she can’t possibly be that dumb.

  8. Natasha is a lying whore- Curtis is not a cute sexy older man; but she slept with him when she allegedly met him for the first time- yeah right ?
    She slept with him because of who he is and his/ Jackie’s fame. Now you will forever be known as a dumb lying whore who was played by an older unattractive man

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