Mariah Huq Being Excluded by Cast in Upcoming Season of ‘Married to Medicine’

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The upcoming season of “Married to Medicine” may be yet another one in which the rest of the cast are excluding Mariah Huq from group activities.

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  1. This is why they were trying to push Lisa out. Quad and the rest of her followers (Heavenly, Jackie, Simone) won’t be happy until Mariah is out for good. Yet Quad swears Mariah is the one who is pressed.

    1. Mariah is alright. Her for the girls is that she cannot move forward. The past is the past. However, Mariah continues to hold on to that same old mess for two years. Enough is enough and she will not let it go. Who wants this mess around them all the time. Nobody.

  2. They are so childish. The thing I like about RHOA is no matter how they feel about each other, they will do still do what’s best for the show and film together.

    1. That’s because RHOA gets more viewers. Sometimes it seems like Bravo doesn’t really care what happens to this show.

    2. Agreed. It really doesn’t sound like the upcoming season will be worth watching. When I think back on the last season, Lisa was pretty much everyone’s storyline. She’s been fired and now Mariah, who I find very entertaining, is pretty much being forced out by the rest of the women. It doesn’t sound like I need to watch every week.

  3. They are clearly trying to get Mariah fired permanently. By not filming with her, they are trying to push producers into letting her go. Oldest trick in the book.

    1. Well they better hope their trick doesn’t backfire and some of them end up getting fired. Truth be told, Mariah is way more entertaining than most of them combined.

    2. She’s been fired.. Did u see Mariah name on the Credits?? Name on the credits? She is a paid friend of the cast thats it. Her contract is per diem which is why they’re not required to have her name on the cast. Per SAG they’re required to put performers name on the credits. And if she was executive producer her name would be on it all day.

    3. To the others ladies not filming with Mariah will not help the show at all. All of the ladies have just as much drama or more meaning heavenly and quad at the top of the list. When quad left $50.00 at the door for Mariah and husband to get home that was it for me. Quad should be very careful , the ditch you dig for someone else might be your own. To all the ladies if Mariah is out the show is gone which might be a good thing.

  4. Sigh…they really irritate me. I feel like all of them are just following whatever Quad wants them to do. And honestly, she just wasn’t that interesting last season. So why does she get to call all the shots in the group?

    1. I agree with queen last season Quad was not funny at all she seem to be trying too hard. Sorry girl you are not f u n n y.

  5. So basically next season is going to be boring as f-ck. No one wants to see all that fake girl power sh-t/Mariah is a monster sh-t. The point of these shows is to show the conflicts within the group. If you take that part away and the conflict is kept away, there’s no reason for me to watch this sh-t.

  6. LOL. If Mariah was smart, she would let them do them and film all her scenes with her family and change up her brand. That way she can become more likable and get another business venture on the side. If you can keep a check coming from Bravo without being around people who hate your guts and just get paid to film with your family, why not? I wouldn’t be mad at all if I was her. They just made it even easier to get her check.

  7. I agree that it’s pretty obvious they are trying to get rid of her by not filming with her as much as possible. The funny thing is Mariah has the best marriage out of all of them imo. Sometimes I get the feeling that they are jealous of that and the fact that she was the one who came up with the show and cut the deal. It just burns them up knowing that because she’s probably the least educated out the group.

  8. Mariah annoys me but I’m not here for this. I don’t like it when people gang up on one person and isolate them. If this is what they are going to do from now on, then they need to fire more people. At least on RHOA, people have cliques and no one was totally excluded. They pretend they can be on the same level as RHOA, but with actions like this, I can see they aren’t and may never be. This is a total blow to the people who watch the show.

  9. Say what you want but Mariah is good TV! The show is just better when she’s there. But I’m assuming the drama factor next season will be Curtis and Jackie’s marriage and him cheating on her. The weird thing is Jackie has to let down her guard and let people know her business a lot more, so it’s going to be interesting to see how much she allows the cameras to see this time. Other than the Curtis situation, I think the season is going to be very kumbaya like, and I’m not hype at all.

  10. Mariah brought this on herself. She never lets things go or makes a genuine effort to move on and she always thinks people are coming for her when they aren’t. Her obsession with seeing Quad fall from everyone’s grace seems to have backfired on her. Had she played her cards differently from the very beginning, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    1. Quad is just an evil ugly joker with her wig sliding off. Yes I said that and she is very sly but some of the dummies can’t see it.

      1. Quad is the Phaedra Parks of Married with Medicine….fake and phony… can see right through this transparent bish

    2. Mariah did not bring anything on herself Quad is just mean and wants to be large and in charge. Like it or not Mariah is the most funniest lady on the show, take her off and there will be no show. Mariah thinks fast and comes back with a bigger punch. Funny, I love it. Don’t start none won’t be none. I guess you can call it hard ball.

    3. Sorry but you’re absolutely wrong. Quad is jealous of Mariah, and Mariah helped her because she wasn’t sh-t before coming to the show. Quad was dating a drug dealer and now she’s married to a doctor and thinks she’s on top of everyone. All of those women are jealous of Mariah, because she has the best marriage! I don’t even watch the show because it’s boring now that Mariah and Lisa is off the show, and I’m sure the ratings will go down!

  11. All of these women are the same to me…petty, shady and two faced. But for some reason, they pretend like Mariah is the only one with these traits and I’m over it. I honestly don’t even feel like watching anymore. The hypocrisy has gotten old.

  12. Oh and by the way, I agree with Yeah I Said It!, if she is still going to get paid to film with her family, maybe this is a blessing in disguise for her. But I won’t be watching because it’s boring as hell when she’s not on the show like that, which I’m sure she won’t be since they aren’t filming with her.

  13. Mariah is annoying but im not for the mean girl antics.
    But why does she insist on staying. Wont she get paid whether she films or nott?

  14. I don’t get the Mariah hate, especially when the other women are just as nasty and hit below the belt just as much as she does. So why they pretend to be holier than thou and offended by her makes no sense.

  15. I love this show and Mariah. Quad needs to go. She is so fake and phony. You can tell she thinks she is better than anyone on the show. Over acts. Get her and Heavenly off the show.

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