Evelyn Lozada Has Some Words for Jackie Christie

To promote the season premiere of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn Lozada sat down for an interview with “Hollywood Today.” During the interview, Evelyn was shown photos of the BBW cast and asked to describe each one with just one word.

When Jackie’s photo came up, Evelyn did not hesitate to throw shade, but could not keep it to just one word.

Evelyn says:

“You know, I know she was on the show the other day and you showed her pictures of other cast members. She called one of the girls a liar, and I was like, “wow!” But, actually you are the biggest liar of them all!

“Yes. I still stick by that…

“I’ll give you liar, psycho, crazy… I have a few more.”

As we already know, Jackie and Evelyn will not be on the best of terms this season of BBW. Their beef will surround Jackie’s estranged daughter Takari, whose Go Fund Me campaign Evelyn donated to.

Check out the clip below.

Oh no? Looks like Evelyn doesn’t like Jackie that much? #BasketballWives @HollywoodTodayLive

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  1. I’m just wondering how things are going to play out for Evelyn. I’m just not so sure she’s really changed.

  2. I was very disappointed with Evelyn last night she let Tami make a fool out of her but I do understand that she can’t act a fool herself because she has a lot to lose number one she has her own show, that I cannot confirm was cancelled like Tami claims, and two she is engaged to a publicized figure so she can’t be out there acting a fool! Tani old a-s don’t have nothing to lose nobody cares about her or trying to give her opportunities outside of the show because she’s a mean bitter old woman.

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