Carmelo and La La’s Separation Just Got Messier

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By: AJ Niles

Amid rumors that celebrity couple Carmelo and La La Anthony are in the midst of a separation, is it being speculated that Carmelo got a woman pregnant.

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  1. Melo ain’t sh-t if he got some jump off pregnant. But this sh-t right here is why women have to have their own thing going outside of their rich husbands. La La is going to be good because she has her own money and she doesn’t have to stay and put up with Melo’s bullsh-t.

    1. Ms.Jackson what’s so dam funny,before ppl knew Carmelo dumas may have gotten anthr woman pregnant,they were quick to blame La La..her career choices and being friends with Kim…if he was dumb enuff to cheat and hit that b-tch raw,fuk him..La La,Tiny,and Rasheeda need to man the fuk up and keep it moving..

  2. I completely believe it. These athletes really don’t care and feel like they need to sleep with any woman willing.

  3. “All of this is alleged, including the woman below” soooooo there’s a chance this isn’t her & articles are out here ruining folks lives?! I met Melo a long time ago in a club & out of all his friends, he laid back & wasn’t talking to anyone longer than a “hello” or “goodbye” I always thought he was a good dude, I hope the rumors aren’t true & they can work it out.

  4. The crazy thing is their marriage has always had problems. It may just be time for them to go their separate ways.

  5. Aren’t Melo, D Wade, LeBron and Chris Paul all besties? If so, Melo should have known better considering what Gabby went through. If you’re having problems in your marriage, get some therapy. Impregnating a side chick only makes things worse.

  6. If this is true, that chick set herself up for life, LaLa will be just fine, she doesn’t have to depend on Anthony for anything, just continue to be a good father to their son and move on.

  7. A woman can be pretty and have her sh-t together and still get cheated on. That’s how f-cked up men are.

  8. I cheat all the time. The way to do it is to keep about 6 girls on the hook all the time. I have the cash so I do what I want.

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