The Family Hustle Recap: Tiny Gains Independence + Goes out on a Date

“Basically, He Was Framed”

Tiny gets her own place.

TI and Tiny have separated, and Tiny now has her own house. Her daughter Nique has moved in, and TI is only ten minutes away, so co-parenting is still working out.

Toya Wight comes by and asks for an update on the estranged couple.

Tiny confirms she filed for divorce, but she just felt they needed a little break.

“I just went through a divorce and it is not pretty.” – Toya to Tiny

Tiny admits that it’s hard to trust TI when there’s always so many rumors on the blogs about him being with other women.

“There’s no doubt Tip loves his kids. But I ask myself is that enough?” – Tiny

TI is getting adjusted to the split.

Even though he’s no longer with Tiny, he still tries to spend as much time as possible with the kids.

When his older sons come through to the set of one of his music videos, he explains that he works a lot to be able to give them the things that they want.

They understand his reasoning but they do wish they could spend more time with him.

King goes through a breakup.

Tiny learns that King has lost his girlfriend of three years.

He tells her that he tried to hook up one of his friends with his girlfriend’s friend, but the girl went back and told his girlfriend that he was crushing on her. He says he was lied on but his girlfriend dumped him anyway.

Tiny says she can relate since social media and rumors have really strained her marriage to TI.

“Working Girl”

Tiny’s mom comes to visit.

Tiny admits that she had to cool off on her career for TI. When they got together, he convinced her that he needed to be the provider in the relationship.

Now that they’re separated, Tiny plans to focus on her career.

Major learns how to play chess.

After Major tells TI that he wants to do something more mature for entertainment, TI decides to teach him how to play chess.

Major has a long way to go and TI refuses to let him win just because he’s his son.

Tiny realizes her purpose.

Now that things are over with TI, Tiny is adjusting to being a working mother.

She takes Heiress to the studio with her so she can help Zonnique work on the songs for her EP. Niq Niq is inspired by how Tiny is able to balance so many things.

Tiny realizes that being a working mom is something other women need to see her do so they realize that they can do it too.


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In related news, Tiny is apparently dating again:

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  1. She went on a date? Well good for her because TI is over the marriage so it’s time for her to be over it too.

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