Hot 97 Personality Blames La La Anthony for Carmelo’s Alleged Cheating Ways

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: AJ Niles

Apparently, a radio personality for New York’s Hot 97 thinks LaLa’s love scene on the hit show “Power” led to Carmelo Anthony’s cheating ways.

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    1. All day. They will jump through hoops to blame everything a grown man does on a woman. Can’t stand them.

  1. Her acting on a show is what caused Melo to cheat? This don’t even make sense. He should’ve remained quite

  2. But he was cheating on La La before Power even existed. La La has been putting up with a lot for a very long time. But leave it to losers to find a way to blame her for what a grown man chose to do.

  3. I can’t stand men like this. So going by their logic, we should blame their mothers for the fact that they grew up to not be sh-t?

  4. Not even going to bother looking at that video. When I read “Shani” said it I thought that was a woman and felt my blood boiling. Read more and discovered Shani is actually a douche. Says a lot that I don’t know who he is. He should remain unknown, and add quiet to that list.

  5. Even if his theory wasn’t a good one… y’all act like it’s not possible? Y’all don’t knw what’s going on in there. Did he ask her to make more road trips? Did she put other ppl interest before her husbands. Lot of different shyt. He said nah I don’t like tht naked scene because we both famous and I dnt wanna hear the locker room bs. As his wife should she not respect that. Ppl don’t give a fuk bout no marriage don’t even knw what that shyt really mean smh

  6. ^^^^^^^^

    Glad this kind of thinking is in the minority on here. It’s time for men to be held accountable for their actions. Black men especially are way too coddled.

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