RHOA Recap: Phaedra is Called out for Being Too Secretive + Kenya Denies Provoking People

Porsha accuses the other housewives of bullying her.

After she explains to Kandi that donating money to her charity for “Celebrity Apprentice” doesn’t cancel out how nasty she treats her around the other housewives, Porsha claims the other housewives bully her, especially Kenya.

When Kenya brings up Porsha assaulting Jamie in the parking lot during an earlier season, Phaedra reminds Kenya that Jamie isn’t at the reunion and she should stay on topic.

Sheree is called out for accusing Kenya of provoking people when she’s a victim of domestic violence.

“A woman is never responsible for a man being aggressive to her.” – Kenya to Sheree

Sheree claims that she will never blame a woman for being abused by a man and that she was just trying to say that Kenya has a history of provoking some of the other housewives.

Sheree also questions why Kenya is afraid of Porsha but doesn’t seem to fear Matt.

When Sheree questions how Kenya knew Bob had assaulted her, Kenya claims they had a private conversation at dinner in which Sheree confided in her. Sheree denies it.

When questioned on why she’s fearful of Porsha’s anger issues, but not Matt’s, Kenya claims it’s because she has feelings for Matt.

“I think they are very similar, I do. My tolerance for him…I did love him. I was never even friends with Porsha.” – Kenya to Andy

Phaedra gives an update on her divorce from Apollo.

She claims she paid Apollo a $100,000 settlement, but he continues to contest the divorce, despite being engaged to Sherien.

Phaedra is called out for being too “secretive” when it comes to the other housewives.

When Andy questions why it seems like Phaedra is very secretive and only confides in Porsha, Phaedra says she doesn’t feel like she has to tell her business to anyone who isn’t a friend or anyone who doesn’t have her family’s best interests at heart. And she believes her only friend is Porsha. No one else can be trusted and no one else deserves to know her business.

Phaedra and Kandi face off.

Kandi accuses Phaedra of working overtime behind the scenes to take her down and doing so by using her powerful connections in Atlanta.

Phaedra tells Kandi she’s not important enough to sabotage and she doesn’t have that kind of power anyway.

Regardless, Kandi is convinced Phaedra pushed Johnnie to sue her and she believes Phaedra has been calling people with power to cause problems for OLG.

Phaedra gives Andy a copy of the her divorce judgment/decree.

After she hands over the 2016 document, Kenya claims a judge said it wasn’t valid because Phaedra misspelled the names, and Apollo contested it.

Sheree admits she was wrong for bringing up NeNe’s son getting arrested for shoplifting a few years ago at the reunion.

Now that Kairo has been arrested for DUI, she understands that parents can’t always be blamed for the decisions that their children make. She now understands that children should be off limits when it comes to shade.

Sheree opens up about her dark past with Bob.

Although she says most of the abuse was verbal, she did confirm that they had some physical altercations in the past. She says only close friends and family members knew about their past.

The other housewives give her supportive and encouraging words. Sheree breaks down in tears.


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  1. Anyone else really fed up with Bravo right now? Last night was boring and part one was dry as well. They really overhyped this reunion and I’m really getting tired of all the trickery. I could have done something else better with my time last night.

    1. You’re not alone. I was hoping the reunion would make up for the lackluster season but it’s been pretty terrible. I think Bravo knows this too and that’s why they are trying to bring NeNe and Kim back.

    1. Nope. Editing has been horrible. They really could have trashed the first two parts and just ran with part three and four only.

  2. Now I don’t mind them having Sheree back on the show, but did they really need to spend so much time on her and Bob’s marriage? That’s old news.

  3. I’m glad I saw these comments before watching the 1st and 2nd part of the reunion now I won’t waste my time and will look at the 3rd and 4th part of it instead.

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