Basketball Wives Recap: Jackie, Evelyn Hash Things Out + Tami Sets Her Sights on Jackie

Photo Credit: VH1

By: AJ Niles

On the latest episode of “Basketball Wives,” Tami’s seemingly one-sided feud with Evelyn continues, but now she is adding Jackie to her list.

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  1. I will be glad when someone beats her a-s just once so she can sit down somewhere! Like Jackie when she got hands put on her several seasons ago by that girl I forget her name but Jackie haven’t been the same since. She calmed all the way down after that beatdown.

  2. There was nothing wrong with what Evelyn said and there was nothing shady about her donating the money. Tami is just mad because that’s all she knows.

  3. You can tell by the text that Tami has an agenda and that is to make Jackie hate Evelyn like she does.

  4. At first I didn’t think Evelyn really changed but now I see she really has. Tami needs to grow up.

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