‘Black Ink’ Stars Nikki and Richard Work Things out + Buy New House in Atlanta

On the most recent episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Nikki told Richard that their relationship had just gotten way too stressful, and after suffering a miscarriage, she felt she needed to go back home to California and get her mind right.

Richard was heartbroken, and claimed her leaving could push him back into drugs.

On the preview for the season finale, Richard decides to head to California to talk Nikki into coming back, but their recent social media behavior reveals that they are still together and have relocated to Atlanta.

We’re assuming the couple will be on the new Atlanta spinoff show, especially since they just bought a new house there:

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  1. They’re still trash. I hate that they are just bringing most of the unlikeable people from the show to the Atlanta spinoff. Makes me not want to watch.

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