RHOA Reunion Tea Confirmed: Porsha Williams Calls out Phaedra Parks

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you weeks ago that it was rumored that the RHOA would be explosive but many viewers have taken to social media to express their disappointment in the first two parts.

Turns out the real drama won’t go down until part four, that’s if the leaked trailer is any indication.

Click next for the details.

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  1. I’m getting the feeling that part four won’t be as explosive as they are claiming either. I feel like Bravo bamboozled us.

  2. Some of y’all coddle Porsha way too much. She’s an idiot but still a grown woman capable of making informed choices yet chooses not to. She chose the wrong team period. Phaedra is no one’s friend!

  3. The editing has been horrible. The reunion didn’t need to be four parts but I’m sure Bravo knows that already. It’s amazing how they use the brown girls for ratings but refuse to give them the same promotion and acknowledgment as the white shows.

  4. Meh, even this trailer didn’t seem all that interesting. This reunion isn’t living up to the hype at all.

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