1. So basically all that talk he did at whatever award show that was clearly was nothing more than talk

  2. He’s a fraud and I’m mad I bought into the hype. I hope his wife stays strong and has peace through all of this.

  3. Makes me wonder if him and Minka hadn’t been together for awhile, and him and wife were nothing more than an “arrangement”. His wife is a plain Jane pretty black chick which is good for his look and image. Now that his image has been embraced as a “black man” and that he has a lot more fans, he’s now free to “crossover” and go Hollywood. Honestly that speech was a little funny to me, because he has a “white mama” and almost full black daddy. But ppl were so quik to call me an Uncle Tom lol ya ok.

  4. He will get his one day, karma will find him. At least his wife will be now be free to find someone that deserves her and will treat her better.

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