RHOA Recap: Porsha Turns the Tables on Phaedra

The men join the reunion.

Bob, Peter and Todd Tucker join the stage.

Immediately, Andy asks Bob what he wants to say to the viewers about his disgusting actions and abusive actions towards Sheree.

He apologizes and Sheree questions when his words are going to match his actions.

“I’m too scared to talk about this.” – Bob to Andy

Bob says he knows he needs to talk to the kids about his behavior towards Sheree over the years, but it’s just too uncomfortable to do.

“It’s horrible for me to watch to be honest. Bob has the craziest sense of humor and if I wasn’t his friend, I would punch him in his face over and over again. It was sickening.” – Peter

Sheree says that she has no desire to get back together with Bob but she’s open to remaining friends.

Peter and Cynthia give an update on where things stand now that their marriage is done.

Peter claims that he speaks to Noel more than he does Cynthia.

When asked if they hooked up one last time in Hawaii, Peter slams the idea and says he would never settle for a bootycall with Cynthia.

“If I can’t have all of her then I don’t want none of her.” – Peter to Andy

Cynthia opened up about why she felt the marriage didn’t work out.

“It was very scary when we started having issues and I just felt like over time, I just starting feeling resentful to him when we were back on track. It’s just like I couldn’t stop being mad at him and I just don’t do well in stressful situations. And I just feel like it was too many stressful situations…” – Cynthia

Peter says that Cynthia was just way too independent for marriage to anyone and that despite the accusations made by Porsha, he never cheated.

While Cynthia isn’t dating yet, Peter says he’s dating and he really likes the woman he is seeing.

Kandi gives an update on Riley and Block’s relationship.

Block is actually keeping in touch with Riley and they hung out the previous weekend.

Andy and Peter question why Todd Stewart isn’t at the reunion.

“Well right now we’re kinda of on pause.” – Porsha to Andy

Porsha says that her romance with Todd has stalled out for now, but he has a new job in DC.

Peter gets Phaedra together.

When Andy asks Phaedra why she wasn’t sold on the idea of Porsha being a single mother and having a baby with Todd before marriage, she says that she just wanted Porsha to have “the whole package.” Peter reminds her that she doesn’t have the whole package either, especially since she’s now divorced. When Phaedra tells him that she started off with the whole package, Peter doesn’t back off.

“But you’re divorced, now. Life ain’t perfect, baby.” – Peter to Phaedra

Phaedra looks annoyed while Kenya looks delighted with Peter’s remarks.

Peter then walks off the stage, and expresses that he feels Porsha and Phaedra are “full of sh*t.”

“Cynthia Bailey…I wish she was stronger because we would have been f*cking amazing.” – Peter

The men of the show make their exit.

Shamea joins the ladies.

When Andy asks Porsha where she stands with Shamea today, Porsha reveals that she hasn’t talked to Shamea since watching the episode when all the he say, she say drama unfolded.

Sheree doesn’t seem to feel bad about stirring the pot and tells Andy that the shadiest person is Phaedra.

Porsha tries to make things right with Shamea by apologizing for how she made Shamea feel, but Kenya decides to involve herself into the conversation.

“It’s not about how she felt, it’s about what you did.” – Kenya to Porsha

Porsha and Kenya go back and forth throwing insults at each other’s hair, booobs, etc, until Andy reminds Kenya that she interrupted Porsha while she was speaking. Kenya is upset about Porsha telling her to “shut the f*ck up” but she eventually lets it go and Porsha gives Shamea a full apology. Shamea accepts and they tell each other that they love each other.

Kandi then questions why Porsha said that she and Shamea were really close, as in messing around with each other s*xually.

Andy tells Kandi to hold on and they will discuss the situation later on.

Shamea and the rest of the ladies question Phaedra and Porsha’s friendship.

No one believes Porsha and Phaedra’s friendship is genuine except Porsha and Phaedra.

Shamea then questions why Porsha feels so strongly about defending Phaedra but doesn’t do the same for her.

Shamea and Phaedra get into a war of words, with Shamea accusing Phaedra of asking her to hook her up with rich Africans and Phaedra accusing Shamea of being a whore and wanting to sleep with Apollo. When Shamea brags about her current engagement, Phaedra sends her some shady well wishes.

“Well good, girl. Hopefully this time it will last longer than a year.” – Phaedra to Shamea

Porsha gets emotional.

Porsha admits that her friendship with Phaedra can be a lot to handle at times because it causes so much drama.

Shamea then admits that she feels like Phaedra has replaced her in Porsha’s life.

Kandi points out the hypocrisy.

Todd Tucker comes back to the stage and Andy questions how Kandi feels about the fact that Phaedra “escaped” her wrath. She says that although she didn’t know Phaedra aid the things she did until the episode aired, she still has major issues with Porsha’s actions, especially since she feels like they have always been on good terms up until now.

Kandi admits to hooking up with multiple girls and she says that she’s only been with “under ten” women and that Porsha has done the same things she has with women, so it’s ridiculous to try to shade someone for doing something you’ve done yourself.

Phaedra explains why she didn’t own her part in the lesbian rumors about Kandi.

She says that she never said Kandi was a lesbian, so she didn’t feel the need to speak up when Marlo questioned who called Kandi a lesbian who need to come out the closet.

Todd talks about what happened between Kandi and Prosha when they went to the club years ago.

He says that Kandi and Porsha kissed, and she then asked Kandi and Todd to come back to her room. Kandi and Porsha start arguing, and when Porsha tells Kandi she doesn’t find her attractive when sober, Kandi tells Porsha that she should have allowed her to eat “it” and her “a*s” when she offered.

Porsha turns the tables on Phaedra.

Eventually Andy questions who told Porsha that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug her and she reveals that it was Phaedra.

“You told her that?!” – Kandi to Phaedra

This is an interesting turn of events, especially since Porsha denied on WWHL that Phaedra spent the whole season throwing her under the bus by not admitting her role in the “lesbian” rumors coming to light about Kandi. Before Phaedra can say anything about the bomb dropped by Porsha, the episode ends.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Why is Todd involving himself in women’s business? Something about him just doesn’t sit well with me. I feel like he’s a snake and he’s going to try to divorce Kandi in a few years and ask for spousal support. I don’t trust him.

    1. Kandi needs to question why only a few years into marriage, she feels the need to include other women in the bedroom. That’s not a good sign.

      1. Personal attacks over a reality show? You’re better than that. Anyway, Todd was involving himself in women business way before this lesbian gate situation, just like Peter. And well how did that turn out?

  2. I see this is the season everyone is going to come for Phaedra but whatever. I can understand why Porsha called her out. Had Phaedra been more vocal about her role in everything, Porsha wouldn’t have done that.

  3. My issue with Kandi is she never really admits when she’s done wrong. She has an excuse for everything and then it’s always, “But Phaedra/But Porsha!” For her to be so “real,” you’d at least think she would admit that there’s not too much difference between her and her family/employees gossiping about Phaedra and rehashing what they heard from “the streets”and Porsha and Phaedra rehashing what they heard. All of them are wrong but I don’t expect her to be real and admit that.

    1. I feel like Porsha and Phaedra both need to go. They are bringing the show all the way down.

  4. I really feel like this has been the worst reunion of all time. The only interesting part was the last 15 minutes. That’s it.

  5. They are really gunning for Phaedra this season. I’m shocked that she seems so caught off guard though. She’s usually well prepared.

  6. I think Porsha may have outsmarted Phaedra and Phaedra didn’t see it coming because she always thought like most of us that Porsha is an idiot. She really didn’t think Porsha would ever reveal her source but she was smart enough to play loyal until the reunion. Serves Phaedra right for being the fake friend she’s always been to everyone. I really hope this is the last season we have to deal with Phaedra and her lies.

  7. Fraudra fans are in panic mode right now. They never imagined they would have to start dragging their other fave, Whorsha. They don’t know what to do. *giggles*

    1. You mean the same way Kenya and Team Twirl have been panicking about the fact that she’s been such a nonfactor this season that she’s had no choice but to jump into something that had nothing to do with her so we wouldn’t completely forget she was there? Too bad her fake relationship with Matt just wasn’t interesting enough. LOL.

  8. Todd: where are Todd’s friends? It seems that Kandi always need him around to co-sign her BS.

    Peter: I can’t take. He is a complete girl. Punch Bob in the face…I think not. Get punched in the face 1x and be like you got knocked the f-ck out…I can see that.

    Kenya: She is sooooo jealous of Porsha. You can see it. By the way, she needed to keep that dress closed because her thighs were ashy as hell.

    Nene: I don’t think Nene is going to make the show better. She actually thinks that she is classy because she has a career. Her thot days of swinging on the pole are over and now she has to put a pull-up and pacifier on her old man so now she thinks she is classy…I’m not buying.

    Cynthia is boring. Kenya and her tantrum baby is a desparate act to bring a storyline. If she wants a real man…not one that is bought or one she picked up from the kindergarden yard; she needs to act more mature and stop acting as if she is in grade school. She talks about others but she is soooooo childish and needs to grow up.

    Saying all that for a friend.

  9. Finally,Phaedra is exposed!!! She ain’t nobody’s friend, and couples that have open minds and enjoy s-x, sometimes want a little something extra. As for NeNe being classy LOL she’s as ghetto as they come. Take a look back at some old episodes. She did’t have anything including class…lol

  10. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with Porsha next season if Phaedra is fired because as it stands, Nene, Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia and even Sheree aren’t really feeling her like that. Who will she film with?

  11. I’m convinced this reunion only needed to be one part long. And of course, the interesting parts have been pushed all way back towards the end. They better not pull this stunt again.

  12. My mind is really blown over how they made this into four parts. This reunion is boring!

  13. Why will porsha turn on her friend? Is that what friends do?Lol, no one is talking about that though. The irony.

  14. If anybody needs to be let go it should be Kenya “housewives” not single 4 life!! She is like a bobble head talking about everybody’s relationships like a puppet we don’t need a narrator. Kandi should go she is boring and trying to bring in the gay world cad she feels that it will draw a bigger crowd for her fake azz!!

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