1. He’s a piece of sh-t. I don’t know why any black women are still listening to his trash a-s show or watching this sh-t. Oh and f-ck TV One too.

  2. As always, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As soon as his son said what he said, I knew who he got it from.

  3. The fact that TV One renewed the show says it all. Not every so called black tv network is really for us. If so, they would have cut him off a long time ago.

  4. There are so many things wrong with this where do I even begin. First, how do you make jokes about your own people and then reply that you’re being distracted by negativity and mess? N***a. You are the messy negativity, the f**k do you mean? You brought this on! Second, the audacity of this man to say that she shouldn’t have replied since she’s light skinned, it has nothing to do with her….say what? This is the mentality I cannot stand within our community. We’re all black no matter the shade and kudos to her for speaking up for the darker skinned sistas.

  5. He’s so ignorant. He shouldn’t even have fans. Let alone a radio show and reality show.

  6. I don’t care for his a$$ because he loves mess and STAYS up in women’s business. Ever since he got in the mix of that situation with Sheryl Underwood, Laura Hayes, and Sommore, he showed just how much of a messy a$$ b*tch he really is and I don’t fux with him at all. His radio show is sh*t anyway

  7. These kind of pigs are such trash and ruining the self-esteem of little black girls with a dark-complex. He is just one of the many,who really hate the skin that their in.
    I experienced the same bulying at school. So traumatizing.
    The black women who are in showbiz now this, and that is why they change their complex, to blond, change their noses, light up their skin, put fake butts.Otherwise they are not excepted by some of these men. Unfortunately many dark-skinned women do not wake-up en keep supporting these kind of pigs. I am a darkskinned person with mixed kids. And because of this nonsense I don’t want my daughters with any these men.

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