RHOA Recap: Porsha Exposes Phaedra + Ends Friendship

Phaedra says she did not say that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug Porsha.

“I repeated it because I heard it.” – Phaedra

Porsha insists that Phaedra told her that Kandi told her specifically about wanting to drug Porsha, but Phaedra still claims that she got the information from another person.

Porsha starts crying and Phaedra tries to calm her down. Porsha then walks off the stage before being asked to return by Andy.

Porsha then says Phaedra told her the explosive claims two days before she and Kandi had their explosive sit down.

After Phaedra keeps saying she heard the accusations from someone else, Porsha gets mad and threatens that her seat may need to be moved.

“I just told you last night she sent me a cease and desist. You had multi times to tell me the truth!” – Porsha to Phaedra

“She used me to hurt you.” – Porsha to Kandi

Kandi gets really upset and explains that placing a drug in someone’s drink is rape and the accusations made were hurtful to her business and reputation.

She says she even received comments on her social media pages in which people compared her to Bill Cosby.

She walks off the stage in tears and asks for a break.

“If I were to punch them hoes in their motherf*cking face, then y’all would say I’m wrong.” – Kandi to Todd

Porsha walks off the stage in tears and asks for her sister Lauren. Shamea shows up first, still trying to discuss Phaedra. Lauren walks in and Porsha leaves to give her the rundown.

“She must have lied this whole time to use me to get to Kandi. I’m a pawn.” – Porsha to Lauren

Porsha tells Andy that she feels like she was set up because she would never lie on someone. She just had a lot of trust in Phaedra and she feels really guilty for hurting Kandi.

Kandi’s issue is she feels like no mater what Phaedra told Porsha, Porsha knows her well enough to know that she wouldn’t do something like that.

Kandi tells Andy that she’s really shocked by the revelation.

Kenya says both Porsha and Phaedra need to go down and should be held accountable.

Phaedra tries to talk to Porsha and Porsha asks for an explanation. When Phaedra says she didn’t know if it was true or not, Porsha questions why she would even tell her in the first place.

“I screwed up, Porsha.” – Phaedra to Porsha

“I don’t even know if I want to sit next to her.” – Porsha

“Finally getting what she deserves…evil b*tch.” – Kenya

Phaedra tries to explain herself.

When Andy asks Phaedra why she did what she did, Phaedra says it was a rash decision. Kandi then says that Phaedra was just going to completely throw Porsha under the bus and never tell anyone that she told Porsha what she did.

Porsha threatens to show text messages if Phaedra doesn’t completely own up to what she did but Phaedra still claims she heard it from someone else.

Phaedra also admits that she is the one behind the “Marvin” story.

“The funny part of it is Todd wasn’t ever in New York without me last year. Todd doesn’t even feel right going to New York now that his mother died.” – Kandi

Porsha apologizes to Kandi but Kandi doesn’t seem to really take the apology seriously.

Phaedra apologizes and Todd says that the ladies need to be careful before the ruin the last marriage left on the show.

Phaedra denies being vindictive and pushing Johnnie to sue Kandi.

When Andy asks Phaedra if she assisted Johnnie in finding a lawyer to get even with Kandi, Phaedra claims that wasn’t the case.

Kandi claims she compensated Johnnie in full and she’s being sued for $168,000.

Kandi claims Phaedra would have been irritated if she met with Angela Stanton in front of the cameras but Phaedra denies it and says the Mr. Chocolate rumors were really foul.

When questioned if it was shady for Kandi to say Phaedra was talking to other guys while still married to Apollo, Kandi says it was the truth and she only said it to illustrate that she wasn’t around as much when Phaedra was going through her split from Apollo but it doesn’t matter since Phaedra was talking to other people anyway.

Phaedra then says she actually has a girlfriend, named White Chocolate.

Friendships officially end.

Phaedra and Kandi agree that they can never be friends again, while Porsha confirms that she doesn’t think she will be able to move past what went down with Phaedra.

Porsha apologizes to Kenya and Cynthia for their past beefs, and Andy gifts Cynthia with a birthday cake for her 50th.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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    1. Now I do feel like Phaedra is a manipulator, but for Porsha to make it seem like nothing was really her fault is a problem. She’s a grown woman who could have at least asked Kandi if it was true before speading it the way she did.

  1. Kenya was very annoying. You can tell she wasn’t happy about being a nonfactor this season so she did a lot of overcompensating at the reunion.

  2. I thought Phaedra was going to say she got her info from Carlos King. When that never happened, then it became kind of clear that her coming back next season probably won’t happen.

    1. I thought so too. I don’t think she will be coming back either. However the ratings did go up building this lie involving her. I won’t be surprised if they bring her back as people would be eager to watch how she would do on an island by herself and how she would actually squirm around the ladies. This would be interesting.

  3. Very disappointing reunion. Phaedra telling Porsha that wasn’t even a bomb, it was obvious.

  4. The reunion was so damn boring and I can tell it was so fake. The whole season was fake, all that yelling at the reunion was staged. You mean to tell me kandi sent porsha a Cease and Desist but not Phaedra. And honestly nobody would have realized if kandi hadn’t made it a big deal. Nobody was listening when they were arguing.

  5. I felt so sorry for porsha last night. I don’t think it was an act. I felt it was from her heart. Now what was scary is that phaedra didnt show any feelings or remorse. She didn’t care her freind was hurt. She is nobody freind. I know Angela Stanton is glad that phaedra have been exposed.

    1. That stupid thots is a non factor Angela she dont hold NO weight in this adult game bringing her dumb jail bird loving a-s on the show was the stupist messiest thing Andy ever did just like Peter old dusty a-s walking off the show NON-FACTOR, Apollo NON-FACTOR, Kandi NONFACTOR, K..E..N..Y..A NON (MF) FACTOR, Cynthia ” bobble-head NON-FCTOR. Andy needs to stop recycling these broken women and get some real BOSSES

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